June 14, 2024

I knew it wouldn’t last and I was still banned by Gabriel

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I knew it wouldn't last and I was still banned by Gabriel

The mother of three-time world champion Gabriel Medina, Simone has set herself above Her troubled relationship with her eldest son. In an interview aired today on Record’s “Domingo Espetacular”, she stated that she is still “banned” by the surfer and that she knows that her marriage to model Yasmine Brunet, which ended earlier this year, will have no future.

In the first interview since her split from the surfer, Simone positioned herself as “the adult on the date” and stated that she is still without contact with her oldest son. For him, it is necessary to respect the time of Gabriel.

“No (I called him recently). I’m also off-limits. I like to respect people’s time and I think it’s his, and he needs to be respected,” said Simone, who has made it clear her silence for nearly this year.

“I didn’t feel like talking. I don’t have to explain to anyone what’s going on in my personal life. That’s what I said, someone had to be an adult in the story, and I decided to be the mother actually, to be an adult in the story.”

For Simon, the events of the past year, which culminated in Stop in Gabriel’s Journey“stole” the “best” surfer.

“I thought everything he went through was stealing from his best. When he said he was going to stop surfing, I was so sad for him, but what can I do? I can only pray,” he said.

Yasmine’s marriage

Yasmine Gabriel Medina - clone / Instagram - clone / Instagram
Photo: Playback / Instagram

One of the mainstays of Gabriel’s separation from his family was the surfer’s relationship with model Yasmine Brunet. Simone says her son was never told that he was engaged or that he intended to marry.

“I didn’t even know he was with her, actually. On the weekend he called us to eat there and someone said to me, ‘It’s Jasmine Brunet.'” Three-time world champion.

“At first, we got along really well, but over time I felt like when everyone was together, she was a bit far away, and then I said ‘something is wrong.’ Over time, Gabriel started to get weird. They went to Mexico and Hawaii, got married there. And I knew nothing. I didn’t know. I wasn’t even told that he was going to get married.”

Simone expressed her displeasure with her son when he returned from a trip and said she “already knew” the relationship would not have a future.

“I said this when he came back from Hawaii: You wouldn’t have to invite us, even if you wanted an intimate meeting between the two of you, I understand. It was my dream to see you get married. Out of respect, you can just communicate. I knocked on the table and said he didn’t want anything for us, and that he doesn’t He wants us to control his life. I didn’t understand anything,” he said.

“I knew it wouldn’t last (the marriage). I gave until December to end it all, because I know him. Gabriel is intense in everything, in falling in love, when he doesn’t want it anymore. It’s intense. And the passion ends,” she continued.

Madinah Institute

Madinah Institute - Mariana Peking / University of Aoul - Mariana Peking / University of Aoul
Photo: Mariana Bikin/UOL

Another topic addressed by Simone Medina was The end of the Gabriel Madinah Institute. The former head of the foundation lamented the site’s closure and said it had “dedicated funds” to keep the project active. according to UOL Esportealthough, It wasn’t a lack of money that caused the institute to close.

“I was sorry to close the institute, because my heart was there. It wasn’t money or investment or anything. It was the heart itself. There I put my money, because it wasn’t enough to keep the institute.” Simon, who also denied any legal dispute with Gabriel, said:

He added, “We accepted everything. We would never quarrel or sue our son. My company was valuable, he offered me three times less and I said I accepted. I will not fight with my son for money.”

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