June 24, 2024

A woman picks up her husband with a lover after a friend warned her on WhatsApp

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On Saturday (30) a video spread on social media showing that a woman found out that she had been cheated after she saw her husband’s girlfriend with another woman in a supermarket. The case took place in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

The woman was warned by a friend via a WhatsApp message. Enraged, she took the two children, put them in the car, and chased after her husband.

According to the photographs, upon arriving, the woman saw her husband, Alan Alvarez, walking hand in hand with the woman. She walked toward the two and pulled the woman by her hair. The scene of the confusion was recorded and posted on the social networking site Twitter.

The husband and children tried to calm the woman who had been beating her lover. Alan even threatened to call the police. The profile that posted the video with a moment of confusion did not mention the outcome of the story.

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