April 13, 2024
Access, John Textor, recovery, competition and outlook for 2022: Today's Botafogo isn't afraid to play with anyone, says Rafael

Access, John Textor, recovery, competition and outlook for 2022: Today’s Botafogo isn’t afraid to play with anyone, says Rafael

right back of BotafogoAnd Raphael He started the year as a rookie, but in the first game he ruptured his Achilles tendon, an injury that will keep him out at least until July. Without frustration, the player has been recovering and is excited about the club’s new stage, in SAF.

In an interview with “Flow Sport Club”, last weekend, Rafael talked about several topics.

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Arrival in Botafogo

– There were proposals from other teams in Brazil. This was the truth. When I decided to come to Brazil, I preferred Botafogo. I said I have suggestions and will come back to them siri b.

– Last year, when I came, I didn’t play much, I got to the end, but it was so great. Botafogo came in at 14th, as the men said it would end, and that the tournament was on its way to the third division. She started winning, she started getting into SAF, she was the second division champion, and she got into SAF. John Textor So excited for the parade, it’s different. The crowd hugged him a lot and embraced the cause.

John Textor

– The big difference is that they greeted him here at the airport, he got more than 60 thousand followers on Twitter, he feels the heat. The investment you make Crystal Palace And what happens here is a huge difference, here a lot less dollars. It started well and we have everything to be champions again. We are the champions of Serie B, but we want to be champions Italian Serie AGive Brazil Cup

Changes in return

– I knew the blow would be great, I was ready. I came to help love. We played in ugly and impractical stadiums. I knew it would be different, but I played in Brazil. I do not lose roots. And there are still long flights, with layovers. crazy things.

Achilles tendon

– It’s better, it’s been three months or so, I’m walking normally. Developed very well, July, end of July is expectations. Minimum six months. The first few months it was hard, I couldn’t walk, and I get angry. I do not like to spend a lot, I like to spend joy. Then the man eats more, because he suffers from anxiety, he can not do sports. Now calm down.

– You see, it’s getting harder. The one who lives near me is Juan, who was a defender for Flamengo, he was explaining that he had this injury, he came back to play a game and stopped. Today everything is going smoothly, but he did not try to return. He told me to stay calm because I’m going to get him out.

New Botafogo

– Botafogo is not afraid to play with anyone today. It is a team that plays. I caught Botafogo scoring a few times, without even being able to take a kick. Now play, leave, advance, arrive. This is very important.

– it’s clear. Botafogo has a very pessimistic audience, and today I don’t see that anymore. It will work, that’s it. This climate has changed a lot.

Luis Castro

– From what we see at first, they were right to assign him. He’s a guy who speaks well, who understands tactically and runs the group. It will be very important to Botafogo.

Expectations for high trips in Brazil

– Of course he does. But I prefer to continue with the ones in which we grow little by little. If you set expectations for the masses, things start to change. It’s above what we thought this beginning. If it continues like this, you can get (a place in Libertadores).

Competition with Saravia and Daniel Burgess

– I’ll have to run. Because the two… Saravia He plays a lot with the ball, the striker is very good, offensively. it’s the Danny He plays at left back and provides direct assistance. My brother said he can take the goal kick which will become an assist, he lit up. It’s very good. I’ll work hard, fight, it’s a good competition.

Do you still want to play in other clubs?

– I dream of retiring at the stove. I’m working on getting back. It is the body that will say what will happen.

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