March 1, 2024
Actor Milton Gonsalves' Awakening Ceremony will be open to the public at Theatro Municipal |  Rio de Janeiro

Actor Milton Gonsalves’ Awakening Ceremony will be open to the public at Theatro Municipal | Rio de Janeiro

Family, friends and fans of the actor and director Milton Gonsalvesthe Brazilian TV icon, will be able to pay another tribute to the artist on Tuesday (31st), when he incarnated Milton will be veiled. The concert, open to the public, will take place at Theatro Municipal, in downtown Rio, From 9:30 am.

After waking up, at 1 p.m., the actor’s body will be taken to the São Francisco Xavier cemetery, in Cajo, where it will be cremated.

Milton Gonsalves died at homeIn the Rio de Janeiro, this Monday (30), at the age of 88. According to the family, the actor’s death was the result of health problems he had been suffering from since suffering a stroke in 2020.

At that time, the actor was Three months in the hospital Respirators needed.

The actor is best known for his outstanding works in TV series such as “O bem-amado” (1973), “Pecado capital” (1975) and “Sinhá Moça” (1986), the actor has also overcome prejudices and He fought for the recognition of the work of blacksas mentioned by his son and actor Mauricio Gonçalves (read more below).

‘O Bem-Amado’: Ruth de Souza and Milton Gonçalves – Photo: Publicity/Globo

He was born on December 9, 1933, in the small town of Monte Santo, in Minas Gerais, Milton Gonsalves He did more than 40 TV series only at Globo, where he also acted in successful comedies and short series, such as the first issues of “Irmãos Coragem” (1970); “The Big Family” (1972); and “Escrafá Isora” (1976).

Other notable works of the actor are the series “Carga Pesada” (1979) and “Caso Verdade” (1982-1986).

His performance as Pai José in the second edition of the TV series “Sinhá Moça” (2006) earned him a nomination for Best Actor at the International Emmy Award. He presented the award for Best Children’s Program, along with American actress Susan Sarandon. Milton was the first Brazilian to present this event.

The last novel that the actor Milton Gonsalves He participated in TV Globo and was “O Tempo Não Para” (2018), when he played the role of recyclable materials collector Eliseu.

Actor Milton Gonsalves dies at 88

Actor Milton Gonsalves dies at 88

As a child, Milton moved with his family to São Paulo, where he trained as a shoemaker, tailor, and printmaker. He did children’s and amateur theater. He made his professional debut in 1957, in the arena, in the play “Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck.

Along with Celia Pierre and Milton Carneiro, Gonçalves formed the first cast for Globo. He arrived at the station at the invitation of the actor and director Otávio Graça Mello, who was his partner in the film “Grande Sertão” (1965), by the brothers Geraldo and Renato Santos Pereira.

“Nothing has opened yet. The three studios, that hall, looked to me like Universal Studios. The first salary was 500 Cruzeiro. And I was happy,” Melton recalls, in a statement to TV Globo.

Milton Gonsalves scores the year-end vignette for Globo in 1997 – Photo: TV Globo Collection

The actor fought for good black roles

Son Milton Gonsalvesalso actor Mauricio Gonçalves, stated that his father overcame prejudice and fought for the recognition of black work.

“This Milton that people do not know, is a fighter. He has never dropped the feather when it comes to his children. The greatest teaching passed on to me by my father: To be a warrior, never lower your head except for the wise, but to fight all the time.”

Mauricio Gonçalves, son of Milton Gonçalves, parades at the Academiacos da Santa Cruz – Photo: Cristina Buickel / g1

Mauricio said his dad has always been a hero. As a child, when he saw the character of Zelão das Asas fly in the series, he was even more impressed.

“He was always flying and making these fruits,” said Mauricio. “We try to do our best, we try to honor this memory of my father. We try to do our best, but we try to get close.”

Other characters like Devil Queen were also pretty amazing. It was a time of dictatorship, and Mauricio says it was not easy to make an outlaw, black and gay, in a difficult time, full of prejudices.

Milton Gonsalves in ‘O Mistério das Esmeraldas’, 1986 – Photo: TV Globo Collection