February 1, 2023

Adopted by Silvio Santos, Silvia Abravanel gave up meeting her biological family TV news

Silvia Abravanel He opened up about his biological family. She adopted a daughter anchor Silvio Santos, revealing that he tried to find his parents before. However, upon realizing the SBT owner’s annoyance, he decided not to continue his search. “He was upset,” he said.

in conversation with Sonya Abrau On Wednesday (4), the former presenter of Bom Dia & Cia (1993-2022) gave details about the search for biological parents. At the time, Sylvia’s main curiosity was to find out which family member she looked like the most.

“There was a time when martyrdom came into my hands and I chased after it. I was always more curious to meet my mother [biológica] from my father. For that bit of: “Who do I look like?” , He said.

At that time, Silvia was responsible for the production of the DNA test, part of Programa do Ratinho. Upon speaking to a doctor who participated in the attraction, the caller discovered the hospital where she was born. However, when she talks to Silvio about it, she gives up on meeting her biological family.

I chased after him but a strange situation happened to me and my father and it died. Sign me up, mother, he will condemn her [Maria Aparecida Vieira Abravanel (1938-1977), primeira mulher de Silvio Santos] Whoever scored me scored the next ball.”

Despite this, Sylvia has stated that she holds no grudges against her biological parents:

Give me life. I don’t judge my mother, and I don’t know why she couldn’t stay with me. But she gave me the gift of life. She had two paths: take me or take me away.

Silvio Santos and Maria Aparecida adopted Silvia in 1971, when the presenter was only three days old. With the death of the mother, the maternal figure is replaced Iris AbrafanelScreenwriter, married to businessman since 1978.

Watch excerpts from Silvia’s interview with Sonia Abrau:

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