June 13, 2024

Afghanistan: Remains on US aircraft landing gear

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Afghanistan: Remains on US aircraft landing gear

Afghans on the tarmac while waiting in Kabul on August 16, 2021

credit, France Press agency

Illustrative image,

The US Air Force said it was investigating the “loss of civilian life” that occurred when a crowd ran behind a plane

After horrific images of Afghans chasing planes on the tarmac in Kabul, another brutal story: remains have been found in the plane’s landing cabin, according to the US Air Force.

The Air Force said in a press release that its investigative division is investigating “civilian casualties” that occurred when a crowd ran after a plane on Monday (16/8).

Afghans were desperate to leave the country after the Taliban seized control of the runway at Kabul International Airport and attempted to board planes.

“In addition to videos and press reports of people falling from the plane during take-off, human remains were discovered in the landing gear compartment of the C-17. [o avião] “After landing at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar,” the US Air Force Press Administration said in a statement.

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