May 30, 2023
After four matches without a win, coach Gilmar Dal Pozo was sent off by Sport |  sports

After four matches without a win, coach Gilmar Dal Pozo was sent off by Sport | sports

Gilmar Dal Pozo is no longer an athletic trainer. After a run of four games without a win, which resulted in the departure of the G-4 team from the second division, the coach could not resist the pressure and was sent off by the red and black board this Sunday. The club should not delay in announcing the replacement, as the team prepares for two consecutive matches against leader Cruzeiro and his deputy, Vasco.

Dal Pozo leaves the sport’s leadership – Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press

Gilmar Dal Pozo’s career in the sport lasted 21 matches, with eight wins, nine draws and four defeats. The coach had a good moment early in the work, seeding the team for the Copa do Nordest final – he lost the title to Fortaleza – but in Serie B, even reaching the group of four, criticism about the team’s performance has been consistent.

Who should be the new sports coach?

In the match against Brusque, on Ilha do Retiro, the relationship with the sports fan reached a high level of fatigue, with the coach receiving many insults for most of the match. At the end of the duel, with another draw at home, the coach heard boos from the stands.

A game against the expulsion of Brusque seals; Watch the best moments: Sport 0 x 0 Brusque for round 14 of the Brazilian Série B

During the pressure on Dal Pozzo in recent rounds, the Sports Council chose to give a speech giving confidence to the coach and giving more time so the work could be adjusted. However, after more poor and uncreative performances in attack – the second worst in Série B and scoring nine goals – the leaders got together and decided to leave the coach.

The sport is now leaving to appoint a new coach, who will face the team’s toughest sequence in this Series B: two games, away from home, against Cruzeiro and Vasco, leader and deputy captain, respectively. Guto Ferreira, who already got access with Sport in 2019 And he was kicked out of Bahia, apparently one of those listed. However, the coach has R$975,869.19 to charge from the sport, in a lawsuit pending in court, and the debt is seen as an obstacle in negotiations.

Check out the official statement from the sport

Sport Club de Recife continues by mutual agreement regarding the departure of coach Gilmar Del Pozo, his assistant Emerson Nunes and physical coach Anselmo Sbragia. The club appreciates the professionalism, the services provided and the coexistence throughout this period with the committee, which has always been willing and determined to do its best for the club. The sport also wishes the professionals a lot of success in their future projects.

Assistant Cesar Lucina takes over on a temporary basis, the cast has already accepted the replay on Sunday (26th).