February 8, 2023

After her split from Arthur Aguiar, Mayra Cardi says she wants to marry a successful man

Mayra Cardi spoke to her followers about what she thought of her future relationships and talked about her single life.

Maira Cardi takes stock of the single life and talks about the ideal type of man.

photo: Playback, Instagram/Purepeople

Myra Cardi To social media to talk about her love life. In the videos in Stories, the coach opened a A game about the new stage of your life After, after He broke up for the third time with Arthur AguiarNext to Think about what you are looking for in a man.

despite the separation, Myra and Arthur shared several moments togetherlike Sofia’s daughter’s birthdayAnd Christmas for the family. So, fans It was speculated that the couple might be back together – the Langerhans. In Stories, the trainer revealed that she doesn’t intend to go through with the marriage plan again anytime soon. “I’m not thinking about marriage, but if I do, there’s a list. I just got divorced and this is the first time I’ve ever been so happy with my company. I’m so light, light, so grateful for the time of my life. My two kids are wonderful. I’m having a moment of work where I feel good.” Mayra Cardi reveals the type of man she would like to date Follow the stories Mayra Cardi said she likes to connect with successful men because of their standard of living. Arthur Aguiar was the winner of “BBB 22”, taking home a prize of R$1.5 million. “I am a very successful woman, my bills are very high, and I do expensive programs. If I am in a relationship with an unsuccessful man, he will probably feel frustrated that he will not be able to keep up with me. He will not even be able to break my house electric bill, which costs close to 20,000 Brazilian reals.I can’t…

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