February 20, 2024

After Luisa Sonza Wears A T-Shirt That Says “My Ex Is My Biggest Fan,” Whindersson Nunes Reacts

Luisa Sonza and Wenderson Noone (Photo: Globo/Mauricio Fidalgo)

A photo posted by Luisa Sonza moved the web on Wednesday (21). When clicked, the blonde is shown wearing a T-shirt with the words “My Ex Is My Biggest Fan” (“My Ex Is My Biggest Fan”) written on it, which quickly caused an uproar, as fans thought the photo was someone’s insinuation. Even Wenderson Nunes, the artist’s ex-husband, ended up speaking out.

In the photo sequence, Luisa looks very relaxed with her friends, while drinking a glass of wine. On Twitter, the Voice of the Dogs shared another image, showing a hand pressing its chest.

However, what really caught my attention was the embossing on the shirt. Many fans have tagged the comedian in the comments and asked him to comment. Was it just me, or when I read it did I think of Wind at first? Just Valid for examplewrote one user. “I wanted Whindersson to confirm here.”another follower wrote. “I’m waiting for ‘windows’ to comment: ‘I am already'”the other joked.

Didn’t YouTube really appear?! In the comments, everyone else turned. [Se] Nobody wants to get rid of a cliff, right? “Nunes published, referring to “Penhasco”, a song noting that it is about artists breaking up. But then he added: “I’m kidding people, kidding!”. On the other hand, Sonza reacted to the post with humor. “what a hate”he said laughing.

The interaction caught fans’ attention (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Since the beginning of the year, fans of the former couple have speculated that they might reconcile, but the comedian made it clear that the two are still just friends. Whindersson and Luísa were married from 2018 to 2020. Their relationship began two years earlier, in 2016.