February 21, 2024

Rick released a R$12 million mansion in a lawsuit

Rickfrom country duo Rick WehnerHe opens his mansion, which is worth 12 million Brazilian riyals, after an agreement to pay a debt of 640,000 Brazilian riyals.

In a twist worthy of a movie script, Rick Soloa celebrity country duo Rick Wehner, he managed to open his mansion worth R$ 12 million, which had been seized by justice. The singer, who recently made former President Jair Bolsonaro cry, has reached an agreement to pay off a debt of about R$640,000.

The mansion, located in Ito, within the city of São Paulo, was opened after Rick paid off the debt, which was already more than R$735,000 with interest and correction. Half of the amount will be paid by the musician, with the remainder paid by musician Giovanni, who has doubled up with Rick on a project. Ric luxury estate is built on a 6000 meter plot in a private condominium.

The house has nine suites, five rooms, a dining room, a toilet, a kitchen, a massage room, a beauty salon, a sports field, a gym and 14 parking spaces. The debt would be the result of a loan the artist had made from the country producers, who would finance a tour. However, the initiative was not successful and the amount was not paid, which led to the opening of a case in court.

In the agreement, Rick will pay R$81,000, plus another R$250,000 in 5 monthly and consecutive installments and another R$36,000 to the plaintiffs’ advocates, which was then closed by decision of the Third Civil Court of Sao. Joao is from Boa Vista, São Paulo. Rick was contacted for comment on the information in the report, but through his rep, he has stated that he has no interest in expressing himself.

Today at the age of 56, Geraldo Antonio de Carvalho, better known as Rick Solo, who is part of the duo Rick and Renner, has fallen on hard times. Presumably Bolsonaro, the sertanejo singer is in the sights of justice for a massive debt and has his assets seized in an operation, but he puts everything aside to enjoy an afternoon with former President Jair Bolsonaro. Check out the other things that Rick’s mansion is made of:

  • Massage space
  • hair salon
  • Full gym
  • wine stock
  • grill
  • grove
  • vegetable garden
  • dog house
  • Playground and sports ground
  • Semi-Artesian borehole with lab-tested and edible water.

See photos of singer Rick’s mansion for sale: