June 4, 2023

After participating in a Mother’s Day advertisement, singer Pepita is subjected to anti-transgender attacks on the web


The singer’s lawyer informed the G1 portal that she will register the complaint at the police station specialized in combating cybercrime in São Paulo.

Play / Instagram Pepita

Priscila Nogueira, better known as Pepita, was involved in a Mother’s Day commercial campaign for Natura, a cosmetics company. The singer posted the video on her personal Instagram account on May 6. In the video, she is shown bathing her one-year-old son, Luca Antonio, with the brand’s products. In comments on the posted video, one of the netizens said: “It is a mockery of women.” Another described Pepita as “a man dressed as a woman”. It is worth noting that transphobia and homophobia in Brazil are considered a crime.

G1 contacted Pepita’s lawyer, Regina Manceso, and informed that she would file a complaint about the case at a police station specialized in combating cybercrime in São Paulo. According to Regina, after the incident is registered at the specialized police station, the case will be referred to the São Paulo Public Ministry, which will decide whether or not to accept the complaint. “It is unacceptable. Society no longer accepts this. This Pepita case is an example for people to know that they have limitssaid the lawyer.

Play / Instagram Pepita

By 8 votes to 3, ministers held that discriminatory acts against LGBT people would now be classed as a racist offence. The criminalization was approved by the Supreme Federal Court (STF) in June 2019. Pepita shared a family photo on her social network with the following caption: My family will always resist!The singer’s husband, Kayque Nogueira, also spoke on the subject to G1: “A very delicate situation, Priscilla was badly injured. Today we are stronger, but we decided to go ahead this time.”He said.

Natura also spoke out against the attacks on the singer. “Diversity has been part of our beliefs for over twenty years, and is always present in our advertising campaigns and sponsored projects. This year’s Mother’s Day campaign promotes discussion about the importance of touch and affection in early childhood, extending an invitation to mothers for these moments of love and care for their children. We believe that Pepita and all the other mothers involved in the campaign pass on the trust and love essential in the relationship with their childrenReproduced by note.