June 18, 2024

Without a contract, Osmar Prado leaves the series due to disagreement with Globo TV News

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Without a contract, Osmar Prado leaves the series due to disagreement with Globo TV News

After being announced in the Guerreiros do Sol cast during Rio2C’s Globo session last month, Osmar Prado has left Globoplay’s soap opera production. The actor, whose fixed contract has yet to be renewed after Pantanal (2022), has not entered into an agreement with the broadcaster.

A veteran can only work for the company under an employment contract. According to the journalist Patricia Cogot, of the O Globo newspaper, Prado was to play a colonel in the series based on the story of Lampio (1898-1938) and Maria Bonita (1911-1938).

Guerreiros do Sol will be Globoplay’s third original Telenovela, after Verdades Secretas 2 (2021) and Toda as Flores (2022). Set for release in 2024, the new series promises to tackle love in times of war from a female perspective.

Registrations have already begun in the Northeast this week. The plot takes place in the 1920s and 1930s, was written by Jorge Mora and Sergio Goldenberg and has art direction by Rogerio Gomez, Papinha.

The story revolves around cangaceiro Josué (Thomás Aquino), who leads a gang in search of revenge against the colonel and the police in the area. He falls in love with Rosa (Isadora Cruz), and the couple crosses the Sertão River on an adventure of passion, courage and freedom.

But, at the beginning of the plot, Rosa is going to marry Colonel Jose de Abreu. Meanwhile, Josué will also be involved with Ivonete (Larissa Bocchino).

Also scheduled for TV series: Erandir Santos, Alexandre Nero, José de Abreu, Daniel de Oliveira, Alain Moraes, Daniel de Oliveira, Alice Carvalho, Natalia Del, Atalo Martins, Vitor Sampaio and Rodrigo Liles.

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