June 26, 2022
After running after Larissa Manuela, Joao Guilherme is caught delivering a famous person.

After running after Larissa Manuela, Joao Guilherme is caught delivering a famous person.

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name of Joao Gilherme He’s been making waves in recent days, especially on Monday, October 28, when rumors surfaced that he was a follower of Larissa Manuela on Instagram. However, another issue related to the singer and actor was circulated on social networks and provoked many comments.

all because, Matthews Mazavera, posted Halloween photos of Vivi, in which he bet on a very daring look as a cowboy. In one of the records it appears Joao Gilherme Capture the backside of YouTubers while enjoying the event. After that, some followers commented: Is it just a prodragim?

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Remember, João Guilherme is currently single after his recent split from Jade Picon. In recent days, the former couple have been making waves after Gui Araújo revealed Jade’s infidelity while locked up in “A Fazenda 13”.

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Netizens comment on Joao Gillherme’s groping

After the photo, in which João Guilherme pats the butt of Matheus Mazzafera, went viral on social networks on Monday, October 28, netizens did not waste time and expressed their opinions on this topic on Instagram. Check it out below:

“I thought I was the person who is now Jessica Alves.”One netizen said, “I even saw them playing because Matthews was with him. What a ridiculous excitement.”Another said, “Leonardo should let his sons out of the closet soon, this guy finds a blogger at home and has a son”Another commented.

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