February 27, 2024
Partial result of the sixth Rocha show from today (10/28)

Partial result of the sixth Rocha show from today (10/28)

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Want to know who’s on the country reality show? So, check out the partial vote result for 6 Roça of A Fazenda in the UOL and Fashion Bubbles Poll!

After Sthe Matos won the Farmer’s Test, Mc Gui, Rico Melquiades and Tati Quebra Barraco found themselves fighting to stay in the program.

This way, check out who’s favorite to stay at A Fazenda!

UOL and Fashion Bubbles poll suggests who’s staying at A Fazenda 13

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6 Roça vote opened after definition This week’s new farmer, Sthe Matos. And so, this Wednesday, 27, another hot seat was formed.

Mc Gui, Rico Melquiades, and Tati Quebra Barraco begin to question the audience’s preference for staying in the game. It is noteworthy that this is the first time that the three Rocheros are in this state.

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Percentage of polls: 1:00 a.m. on Thursday 28/10

The second part of A Fazenda’s UOL survey, collected at 1:00 am, confirms Rico’s favoritism (63.74%), which should continue.

At the same time, Mc Gui (18.61%) and Tati (17.65%) follow very closely each other, revealing a balanced disagreement.

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Micro Survey UOL 6th Farm
2021 Farm partial results: 01:00 a.m. (28/10) – Part Two of the UOL Poll (5,417 votes). Source: reproduction site

The Fashion Bubbles Poll follows the same in this second installment. Rico’s is around 60%, which guarantees him a few more days at home.

Thus, it came second between Tate (19.82%) and McGuy (18.70%). Less than 1% separates the two, worth noting.

Partial Results Roca Farm VI 2021
2021 Farm partial results: 01:00 (October 28) – Part Two of the Fashion Bubbles poll (14,376 votes). Source: reproduction site

Partial result: 00:30, Thursday (10/28)

In the first 20 minutes of voting, a portion of the UOL poll indicates Rico as the favorite to survive the competition, with 62.15% of the vote.

The dispute for second place is very close between Mc Gui (19.65%) and Tati Quebra Barraco (18.21%).

Micro Survey UOL 6th Farm
2021 Farm partial results: 30:30 (10/28) – Part 1 of the UOL poll (2,433 votes). Source: reproduction site

In addition, the fashion bubbles in the Roca de A Fazenda survey partly confirm what he says in part from the University of Aul.

Rico (60.42%), in fact, is the audience’s favorite to stay in the game. However, there is a technical relationship between the other two pawns, Mc Gui (18.99%) and Tati (20.61%), in second place.

Partial Results Roca Farm VI 2021
2021 ranch partial results: 30:30 (10/28) – part 1 of the Fashion Bubbles poll (7,555 votes). Source: reproduction site

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It is important to note that in both surveys, a possible result was indicated, and not the official one, which will be released only on Thursday evening (28/10), during the live broadcast. Also, voting may vary throughout the day.

Fashion Bubbles also promote, in the poll, that a vote should be given to that pawn you want to stay in the program.

Also find out who is leaving Reality:

farm surveys

Do you want to follow what the audience likes?

So be sure to check out Fashion Bubbles Polls at The Farm 2021, in R7 style. Vote as many times as you want and know the result right away!

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A history of removals, withdrawals and expulsions from A Fazenda 13


On September 17, a magazine vote Ditch the influencers Krawk, Mah Tavares, and Alisson Jordan.

for leakage hall, Medrado rang the bell He left the competition in the second week.

On the same day that funkeira left, there was an elimination night. On 1 Roça of A Fazenda 2021, the stay-at-home feud was between Liziane Gutierrez, Nego do Borel and Solange Gomes. did not give Lizzie filtered.

a The parcel came from Nego do Borel, who got into an argument with Diane. He was fired for attempted rape.

In this sense, in Roca II, the hot seat was formed by Bill Araujo, Diane Mello and Mosonzinho. NS The international actor was the least loved by the audience and left the game.


In Roca III, the vote was very close, but it stipulated a decision Eliminate Erica Schneider. Diane returned to headquarters for the second time, while Tiago emerged with a victory in the hot seat.

On 10/14 the actor Victor Pecoraro said goodbye to Celero de Lindas at Roca IV From a program that was also fierce.

Next week, 10/21, Larry Botino left the farm with “rejection”. 9.61% wasn’t enough to keep it going.

What is the cast of The Farm 2021?

Sthefane was voted the most by the public to stay home and join others
The Fazenda 13 team now includes Sthefane Matos and Lary Bottino. Source: Instagram Play. Editing: Fashion Bubbles

The reality show premiered on Record TV on September 14. The confined participants were then introduced to the audience.

In all, 21 pawns were part of the cast. However, some changes occurred, from surrender to expulsion.

Thus, the ones confirmed on 09/09 were:

Also, a few more were revealed on 9/10:

More profiles released on 09/13, finally:

Anyway, the last pawns shown on 09/14, reality premiere:

Medrado’s replacement, someone else was booked, therefore, on 1/10:


Here on Fashion Bubbles, on our channel farmYou will find all the news about reality that is already on social networks!

Portal R7 is where the official votes are in. In fact, it will be possible to vote in the final, guaranteeing the winner a prize of R$ 1.5 million. Stay in touch!