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After Tarcísio Meira’s death, the daughter-in-law becomes sentimental and promises to take care of Gloria Menezes

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After Tarcísio Meira's death, the daughter-in-law becomes sentimental and promises to take care of Gloria Menezes

After Tarcísio Meira’s death, the actor’s daughter-in-law promised to take care of actress Glória Menezes

Mocita FagundesNora from Tarcisio Mir, deceased This Thursday, the 12-year-old took a breather on social media after a veteran lost his life to COVID-19.

On social media, the director opened her heart and promised to take care of his wife, the actress Gloria Menezes (86), who remains in hospital in Sao Paulo with a mild case of coronavirus.

viscosity Tarcisio Jr. (56) Remember on the web first contact with Tarcisio Mir He told us the details of his initial encounter with the adorable TV icon.

“We’ll take care of your Gloria. You’ve been so generous to me and I, ever since. And I’d love to hear your stories,” I wrote.

Check out the entire animated text:

“I will never forget how I met you…

“- Dad, I’m taking my cat there to meet her … You’re not in pajamas, are you?”

I was shivering everywhere.

I was going to meet the first member of her boyfriend’s family. Soon he became the father-in-law. And after all … he was not just a father-in-law … it was you – the great actor, the handsome man, the “legend”.

Sitting “in your house”, I was wearing a chic blue turtleneck blue blouse… and I said the opening world-size smile… “- What a prolific geecha!”.

It was love at first sight. And I went through those 12 years and I didn’t even notice.

I’ve always said that my children and I were adopted by the royal couple. You have been so generous with me and with me, ever since.

And I love hearing your stories.

Life, movies, TV, farms, love…

Do you remember when I sat at your feet – there in Belem, to hear the stories of Xingu?

And when you showed me pictures of the soybean crop?

And the “lucky dress” you got for Christmas? Lovely… to use only in the three-way business meetings.

My kids grew up with you as a grandfather.

And I just take with me the sweet memories of the time I lived by your side.

I was nervous when I was driving… and I was a unique elegance…

I was touched when I saw you in the theater..a giant in your art.


For all artist. Mr. Great.

For me, much more than that. Husband’s father, father.

I can only thank you for everything!

Fill you with love as I was given… and keep the promise I made to you.

We will take care of your Gloria.

Big kiss darling.

Someday we will meet again.”

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