June 20, 2024

Marcos Millon makes a dramatic speech when he talks about Romeo on Globo, and bursts into tears at Junior Lima’s surprise; Watch

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The past few days have been full of emotions Marcus MunjTV Globo’s newest contract! He, who will take command of “Caldeirão” on September 4, made his live debut on regular screens this morning (13), during “Encontro com Fátima Bernardes”. Throughout the attraction, the presenter was very moved when he talked about his children, Romeo, Stefano and Donatella.

Mion experienced many emotional moments during the program, and one of the most touching was when commenting on Maiden. Diagnosed as a child with autism spectrum disorder, Romeo made Myon delve deeper and become a real spokesperson for the cause. He explained that when having a disabled child, it is necessary to abandon dreams and initial plans for the creation of new dreams.

“When you have a disabled child, you have to understand that you have to give up all the plans you have. Everyone plans things for their children, but we never know God’s intentions. People who are bitter because their child has a disability are people who cling to the past, what they wish would happen. I quickly understood, instantly changed my perception of life, and understood that my son and I were going to write the next steps together. I gave him my hand and we went to discover the world together “, He told the announcer.

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Anything I planned or imagined wouldn’t count, and I didn’t want it anymore. I wanted to help him and discover the world together. I totally understood, today, that God took this path in my career, for 21 years of television, and with a huge speaker, exactly to be the voice of my autistic son in our country. 1 in 54 people are born in the spectrum, which is a very high frequency. Children are the driving force of creationMion announced.

The presenter was pleased with the beautiful VT about his relationship with his eldest son. “It’s about love, acceptance, and understanding God’s purpose for you. Susanna [Gullo]My wife is here. And watch this video for both of us victory. Romeo’s watching this at home, you’re at Globo, son! They will make a badge [da Globo] is yours‘ I celebrated. Watch:

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Additionally, Miyun spoke about the challenges of seeing children become teenagers. “It’s a tough time for parents. It’s a cut with everything that’s been done up to that point. And it’s a healthy break, as the teen searches for his own identity, so he has to test his limits, and ask himself. For a father like me, who is loyal and present, when my interrogation begins, the tone of the interrogation voice changes…it’s hard. I think parents should understand and respect this moment.“to think.

Myeon is affected by a message from Junior Lima

In 1999, at the age of 18, Mion was part of the cast of Globo’s very own production: the “Sandy & Junior” series. Now, after 22 years, the presenter remembered the beginning of his career when he returned to the network. Speaking of this very beginning, “Encontro” gave a very nice testimonial from Junior, who was very close to the caller at the time.

Glad for you, with this news that you’re back at Globo. Early in your career you followed everything so closely you know I always rooted for you a lot. I am so happy that you are now in this new stage a beautiful endeavor I wish you success lots of light I know you will shine as alwaysThe musician said.

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The presenter’s eyes were filled with tears when he heard his friend’s words. “I can’t hold back the feelings, I’m a very transparent guy. Look Junior, make this connection from the beginning of my career… We are friends even today, a movie playing in our minds, seeing these pictures and people cheering for me is so much fun. It helps to be honest. , righteous, do not deceive anyone, to believe in God. It is worth working, believing in yourself and achieving your dreams “Mion announced.

The new employee also said he got a call from Luciano Hack, the former captain of Calderao. “He’s a man I’ve known for many years…I hope to do a job that matches Luciano Huck, because he’s a unique man, and I admire him in many ways. I hope to carry on everything he has built, taking my brand, with so much joy, lightness and funHe said.

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Fatima’s reception

Mion’s surprises began right at the opening of the show, which was intended for him. A different entrance was made by Fatima Bernardes, who greeted the presenter in the Globo Studios dining room. “What is happening? what a surprise! It’s a great emotion! We hadn’t seen each other before, and I didn’t know what it would be like when you met Fatimareaction.

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You already memorized the speech, so we tried to make it different. welcome!“, announced the presenter. On stage, the two spoke of the caller’s concern and enthusiasm about hiring Globo.”I can’t quite understand these words, I’m still adjusting to all of this. I won’t pretend to be a habit: It was more of a goal, it was a dream. Several times I thought it wasn’t for me, so I’m enjoying every second. It is a dream for many years, an unforgettable thingAs an exemplary employee, Global made sure to post his new badge live, and all excited! So much!

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