June 18, 2024

An economist has arrested a suspect in the murder of a voice actress and hiding her body in Rio

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An economist has arrested a suspect in the murder of a voice actress and hiding her body in Rio

Economist Pedro Paulo Gonçalves Vasconcelos da Costa, 27, was arrested Friday (13) by civil police, on suspicion of murdering voice actor Christian Luiz de Paula da Silva, 49, on July 22 this year. Information from G1 and the newspaper O Globo.

The crime took place in her apartment, in Ipanema, south of Rio. According to investigations by the Metropolitan Homicide Police (DHC), he had the help of his mother, Ilian Gonçalves Vasconcelos da Costa, and a third person identified, to hide the victim’s body in a vegetation area in Praia de Gromare, in the western part of the capital, Rio de Janeiro.

At the police station, Pedro Paulo confessed to committing the crime, but claimed that he acted in self-defense from the mental disorder of the victim, who, according to him, was “possessed by the devil” and “in religious rites” and who wanted his blood.

He said he was going to kill Christian with a broken cup, first by cutting off her leg and then shaving the voice actor. According to the suspect, after she attacked him.

According to the investigations, the two were friends who met in 2017, in a psychiatric clinic, where they underwent treatment. Pedro Paolo has been in a crisis lately and was welcomed by the voice actress into his apartment.

After the crime, the police found Christian’s computers and cell phones at the suspect’s mother’s home. Eliane Gonsalves is considered a fugitive from justice.

A professional dubbing since 1997, Christian is best known for performing the voices of the characters Margarida, from Disney, and Miss Morello, from the “Todo Mundo Odea or Chris” series, among others.

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