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After Xiaomi’s cell phone wins, Samsung’s ignored bilogo wins LG’s notebook

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After Xiaomi's cell phone wins, Samsung's ignored bilogo wins LG's notebook

Update (11/26/2021) – GS

A few days ago, here at TC we reported on the report of Brazilian biologist Sergio Rangel, whose cell phone had broken and he was unable to continue recording educational videos on YouTube.

in this occasion , Rangel asked Samsung for help, to try to get a new device, because it was out of business, he was not able to buy a new one, but unfortunately, the brand was not very supportive, asking him to send a promotion to evaluate a possible shipment of the device.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi has taken the opportunity to ensure that it will send a new cell phone to the world of the living, dismantling the bureaucracy imposed by Samsung.

Due to the wide repercussions of the case, LG has also offered to contribute to Rangel’s work and revealed that it will ship the LG gram notebook, which should improve the quality of the materials it produces.

The fact that Samsung complied with the media protocol is understandable, as thousands of people can similarly order mobile phones, but the repercussions of the case made Xiaomi and LG take advantage of the situation and win the sympathy of consumers.

Do you think Samsung did the right thing or did they have to charge the device right away?

Original text – 11/23/2021

Brazilian biologist Sergio Rangel is famous for his videos about wildlife and the environment, but when the cell phone he used to produce the videos stopped working, the researcher asked Samsung for help so he could continue promoting his work, but he went to Xiaomi who brokered and helped him.

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Through a video posted on Twitter, Rangel thanked the support of his followers, including those who gathered a group about a year ago, for helping him buy a new notebook when the device he was using became unusable after a rain. Then the biologist revealed that his Samsung cell phone, the same phone he used in the production of his videos, stopped working after five years of use.

In the video, Rangel tried to get his followers to use the hashtag #SamsungAjudeOSergioRangel, in order to get the attention of the South Korean giant for a new device.

But the answer was not what was expected. According to a survey conducted by Tecnoblog, the next day, the company used its official profile to tell the creator that she had followed and liked his work, but could not help him immediately, asking him to send a “campaign proposal via DM”.

Xiaomi Brasil, in turn, decided to take the lead and said that “its stock of pampering was low”, but that “its mission is to innovate for all and this also means to encourage science and education”. Thus, the Chinese giant “pulled some strings” and presented a “cool device” to Rangel.

The companies’ stance reverberated on social networks, with both brands hitting popular Twitter topics, with many users criticizing Samsung’s stance on the situation.

And you, do you think Samsung acted correctly, giving Xiaomi room to take advantage of the situation?

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