June 18, 2024

Agreement with Main Sponsor to Generate 24 Million Rls annually to Sao Paulo from 2022 | Sao Paulo

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Agreement with Main Sponsor to Generate 24 Million Rls annually to Sao Paulo from 2022 |  Sao Paulo

an agreement Sao Paulo With Sportsbet.io the club will earn R$24 million annually from 2022 until the end of 2024, when the link expires. This season, the club will receive another 15 million Brazilian reals – the contract began in July.

These amounts are fixed and guaranteed, with semi-annual payments of R$12 million – installments are due in December of the previous year and in June of the same year. The contract provides for the correction of inflation accumulated since the signing of the contract only from the installment of June 2023, but at a rate limited to 5% per annum.

contract that Give It had access, had a lower annual value than other major sponsors, both in nominal and inflation-adjusted terms, which contradicted President Julio Casares’ information that the agreement with Sportsbet.io would be the largest in the club’s history.

São Paulo considers this to be the largest decade in its history. The comparison must take into account all factors and variables. Contract time, cash value, exchanges, rewards, prize, products… If we compare all these points, we can consider it the greatest in history. But it is important to stress that this comparison should be made with real values ​​achieved in contracts, and not with values ​​that have been infused into the market or estimated – says the club’s marketing director, Eduardo Toni.

The company started sponsoring Sao Paulo in July – Photo: Staff Images / Conmebol

Sponsorship with BMG Bank paid, in 2010, R$25 million annually to São Paulo, an amount that, if corrected, amounts to R$46 million. In 2006, LG paid R$ 16 million annually, which is approximately R$ 35 million with the necessary corrections.

In addition to the fixed payment, the current contract also provides for a variable income. Which is equivalent to BRL 10 multiplied by the number of new users on the sports betting company’s platforms arising from the relationship between the club and the company – there is a mechanism for this investigation.

However, these payments are subject to the regulation of law that allows sports betting in the state. The amount will be accumulated and released to the club in this case.

The São Paulo Board of Directors kept the values ​​of the agreement secret by claiming confidentiality. The contract was sent to the deliberations council for approval by the council members, but the financial clauses were omitted to avoid leaks.

Our decision in this administration was to clean the São Paulo shirt to add value to the brand. It was tough, but it was a site that today brings us a very big brand. We will never talk about value, but it represents 400% growth in primary care compared to 2020. These are net values, with a minimum guarantee and without intermediaries – said the President of São Paulo, Julio Casares, in the partner presentation .

Until the end of last season, São Paulo maintained an agreement with Banco Inter, which occupied the space only on the jersey box – Sportsbet.io also prints the branding on the players’ backs, above the uniform.

according to Give Learning from people familiar with the agreement, the company renegotiated the contract in April 2020, during the pandemic, for about R$1 million per month through December. He then extended the partnership for another two months before leaving the venue.

last week , São Paulo introduced another sponsor, Roku, which already displays its branding on the shoulder of the shirt. Under this agreement, the club will receive about 5 million Brazilian riyals in one year. Currently, there is only room for partners in a sleeve of uniform.

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