June 12, 2024

Londrina wins the Vasco tournament and surprises again in São Januaro after 43 years | London

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Londrina wins the Vasco tournament and surprises again in São Januaro after 43 years |  London

After 43 years, Londrina came back to surprise Vasco in São Januaro and won the comeback 2-1, Wednesday night, in the 19th round of the Series B Series for the Brazilian Nationals.

The goals came in the second half. Marquinhos Gabriel opened the scoring for the team from Vasco, but Marcelinho left everything untouched, and Sapphira, with a penalty, in the 42nd minute.

It was Londrina’s return to São Janorio. The last match on the field was in February 1978, when they won a historic victory over Vasco, with a score of 2-0, securing themselves in the semi-finals of Brazil 1977 (the competition ended only the following year). That match also set the attendance record in São Januaro’s history, with 40,209 people in attendance. Click here and remember how that confrontation went.

Back in 2021, the score puts Londrina close to leaving the relegation zone. Tobarao reached 19 points in 17th place, ahead of Ponte Preta and Villa Nova in the classification on goal difference.

– We came to suggest our game to get the three points. Londrina is going through a difficult moment and with this win we will fit the team and give more confidence to the team. Enter the second round to fight for better things. Efficiency, everyone running for each other, we know our collective strength. Sometimes it is the individual, but our group is very powerful. We came to propose the match, not just defense – striker Marcelino told Premiere.

Londrina returns to play on Sunday, when, at 6:15pm, Brazil de Pelotas hosts the Estádio do Café, for the 20th round of Série B do Brasileiro, the opening round of the second round.

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