June 23, 2024

“There is a lot of bad, and a lot of wrong”; Lisca breathes and apologizes to Vasco fans

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"There is a lot of bad, and a lot of wrong";  Lisca breathes and apologizes to Vasco fans

NS Basque surprised Londoner, last Wednesday night (18), and Lost a second in a row in the Brazilian Championship of the Second Division. Acting in São Januaro, Gigante da Colina took the lead through Marquinhos Gabriel, nine minutes into the second stage, but saw Paraná has reached a turning point With Marcelino and an ambassador, he took a penalty.

After the match, coach Lisca realized the difficulty of assembling the team. “Today it wasn’t the mental problem, we didn’t have the abilityWell done Londrina team, we played our mistake. We are back more organized. We scored the goal and then didn’t press anymore. We scored a goal from mid-range, and scored the second goal when we were planning to attack. Since I got here I haven’t been able to fit in the team“Lamented.

The coach took the opportunity to apologize to the people of Vasco and adopted a tone of revenge. “We did not find this harmony between the team to be more competitive. Today we apologize and apologize to Vasco fans. We may have to make football simpler, but we are very weak, we concede a lot of goals. There are a lot of bad things, and a lot of wrong things“Lamented.

Marquinhos Gabriel left Maltino's cross in front of the scoreboard (Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF)

Marquinhos Gabriel left Maltino’s cross in front of the scoreboard (Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF)

In evaluating Lisca, one of the main problems of the Maltino Cross was defense weakness. The technician, who took charge, also pointed out There are no alternatives to attack between the benches. “Responsibility for my mistakes. They don’t make mistakes on purpose, they want to correct them. I’m the one who climbs the players. The team presented well offensively, Jabba is distinct in attack. The difficulty was the constructionevaluated.

We take a target in the middle of the distance. In the second part, Nasr. When I was going to make changes, we took aim. I don’t see much better players on the bench than Gabba, Marquinhos and Sarafiore. The problem was Defensive support and vulnerability. This is fatal in series B. I can’t provide this defensive supportLisca completed.

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