January 29, 2023
ally?  Paulo Andre surprises with revelations about Gustavo at BBB 22 TV News

ally? Paulo Andre surprises with revelations about Gustavo at BBB 22 TV News

This Thursday (7), it is the turn of Paulo Andre Camilo To be present on the Podcast of the Leader, a recording that conducts weekly interviews with the winner of the main competition of Big Brother Brazil. In the episode, the athlete opened up about his development in the game and talked about his relationship with some members of the household. The Palestinian Authority was martyred Gustavo Marcingo As one of his allies: “He has a good heart.”

Speaking of my prayers, Pedro [Scooby], huh? The one I want to take with me all my life, I learned a lot from him too, from DG [Douglas Silva]with Arthur [Aguiar], with Gustavo, the one who arrived a little later. At first, I admit I was that way, but then I called him, and saw that the man had a very good heart,” he revealed when commenting on the leash with whom he has a greater affinity.

Even if they seal peace, The two are still experiencing moments of conflict. On Monday (4), in the TikTok dynamic, they both found each other curious after disagreeing about how Dean was made. “You think it’s Big Boss, right?” , he had asked PA at the time.

The Olympian, still on the podcast, revealed that his biggest fear upon entering the house was being misunderstood by his fellow inmates. By establishing an instant connection with Douglas Silva And the Pedro Scooby, the brother failed to convey his attractiveness to the other participants. “When I opened my character to other people, they didn’t understand the same way.”

“I’m more confident, but people take it to the other side, I’m not that person who underestimates the other, even because I’m an athlete, so I won’t underestimate the other,” he added. In the last discord game, for example, Giseilan Alves Compare some situations Camilo with a spoiled boy.

Arthur’s return

Paolo has established a strong relationship with Arthur Agyar. In the podcast, recorded before the singer left the secret room, the athlete talked about how he was inspired by his brother’s story and shared some wishes with him: “Arthur is someone who really taught me a lot. It is a testament to a surreal life.”

“I am really sad about that. [sua saída], is the one I really wanted to get to this final stage. He suffered a lot and I am very worried. I hope everything is fine.”

this afternoon, Surprised the people of the house by returning from the false wall. Dressed as an Easter bunny at a sponsored business, Myra Cardi’s husband was handing out some gifts and then revealed himself. His return made the athlete almost faint.