June 14, 2024

Ameca, the human-like robot that impresses with its similarity to humans; Video | cooperation

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Ameca, the human-like robot that impresses with its similarity to humans;  Video |  cooperation

His name is Amika. It is the new robot from the British company Engineered Arts, which specializes in robotic machines. is yours Very similar to humans is over It caught the attention of Internet users on social networks.

a The ‘waking to life’ robot image that was revealed this week has gone viral Many people were left touched, and others “scared.” Its official launch will be at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, but some details of the model have already been released by the manufacturer.

In its announcement, the company stated that “Amica is the world’s most advanced humanoid robot.” Its creators say it can serve as A platform for developing future robotic technologies.

Despite the high technology, the robot is still He can’t walk. According to the company, walking is a difficult task, but it is part of the development plans.

Find out what is known about Amica:

  • Robots can be used to develop technologies Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Electronic hardware software who allows Continuous update.
  • split into units. According to the company, it is possible to only have a “one-handed” model “arm”, and there is no need for an entire robot to work.
  • cloud communication: All Android data is available remotely.
  • Smooth and realistic movements who seek to establish an “instant relationship with people,” according to the manufacturer.

The movements are very realistic. Watch:

Check out Ameca Robot Expressions for Engineering Art

Check out Ameca Robot Expressions for Engineering Art

will be an american Available for rentand participate in events as well for saleHowever, the company has not released the value yet.

NS g 1 I contacted Engineered Arts for more information on the form, but there was no response until the latest update for this report.

Ameca, the human-like robot developed by Engineered Arts – Photo: Engineered Arts

When the Ameca video began circulating on the networks, comments about the extreme realism of the robot quickly appeared. One of the famous tech influencers, Marx Brownlee, was a “scared.”

Ameca opens eyes – Photo: Engineered Arts

“Calm down guys, stop getting upset,” he said, “it’s just a set of actuators and motors with rubber stretched on them to simulate facial movement. It’s all pre-programmed. It’s just for research.” Then he added: “Internally: No, no, no, no, no, no.”

The company manufactures entertainment robots

Engineering is developing human-like robots in the UK. Its devices are used in science centers, amusement parks, and companies. More than 100 of its bots are active all over the world, but Ameca is the most advanced of them.

He also promised Elon Musk a robot. Meets

Tesla Bot: How Elon Musk's Human Robot Works

Tesla Bot: How Elon Musk’s Human Robot Works

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