June 24, 2024

An Italian tries to circumvent the “Covid” vaccination with a fake silicone arm – International

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Heng Sinith/AP

ROME – The combination of restrictive tightening in Europe and anti-vaccine thinking has led to an intriguing case in Italy. A 50-year-old Italian citizen who wanted an anti-Covid passport – required by some EU countries – but didn’t want to get the vaccine tried to deceive the authorities with a fake silicone arm.

The case, revealed by the Italian authorities on Friday 3, took place the day before, in the Piamonte region, northwest of the country. “The case would amount to ridicule if we did not talk about a very serious gesture, unacceptable in light of the sacrifice that the pandemic makes for our entire society, in terms of human lives and social and economic costs,” lamented in the social network Governor Alberto Serio.

The man in question presented himself, Thursday evening, at a vaccination center in the city of Biella, with the idea of ​​deceiving health professionals. The prosthesis was made very well, but the color and the sense of touch immediately aroused the suspicion of the nurse in charge of administering the vaccine, who asked him to take off his shirt – revealing his “cheating tactic”.

He then asked the nurse to act as if she had seen nothing, which she refused and warned her shocked colleagues. According to the governor, the man will have to answer the case in court./ France Press agency

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