June 14, 2024

America dominates Santa Cruz, wins and goes to the third stage of the Brazilian Cup

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America dominates Santa Cruz, wins and goes to the third stage of the Brazilian Cup

America scored the only goal of the match 47 minutes into the first half (Photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA.Press)

America had no problem beating Santa Cruz 1-0 this Tuesday (14/3) in Independencia. The victory, which was not only greater due to the impressive performance of goalkeeper Michael, secured the team in the third stage of the Brazilian Cup.

Coelho dominated the first half. Pressing from the start, the Minas Gerais side finished a lot, but it took them 47 minutes to open the scoring with Benitez. At the second stage, he also did not suffer from fears, creating chances, but in the end he was able to gain an advantage.

Now, America is seeking to confirm qualification for the Campeonato Mineiro Final. After winning the first leg of the semi-finals 2-0, they will face Coelho Cruzeiro on Sunday, 6pm, at Independencia. A team can lose up to two goals difference that still advances to a decision.

In the Brazilian Cup, the team is waiting for a new draw to know the opponent in the third stage. This stage of the competition is scheduled to take place in the weeks 12th and 26th of April.

American domain

America dominated the match in the first 10 minutes. During this period, Coelho arrived in danger on three occasions: Arthur’s cross in the small area, Aloysio’s kick from outside the area and a Benitez free kick that went close to the crossbar.

The pressure continued, and “Boy Bandido” almost opened the scoring in the 15th minute, when he received him in the small penalty area, but he stopped at goalkeeper Michael. In the sequence, Benítez hit another shot from very close range.

Maidana, with a header, and Azevedo, with a kick, are the other two who scared Santa Cruz’s goal. The final match for the visitors was only in the 21st minute with Lucas Silva, but without seriousness. Coelho owned the game, but he couldn’t swing home.

In the 29th minute, the team even scored with Aloisio, but the goal was ruled out for offside. America attempted shots from long range, with headers, put in, but continued to stop at Michael or fail in the finals.

Benítez, who was already the big name in the first half, finally scored in the 47th minute. At the entrance to the penalty area, he picked it up from Aloisio and slotted a shot into Michael’s left corner to open the scoring: From 1 to 0.

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In the 6th minute of the second half, it was Santa Cruz’s turn to disallow a goal for offside. Cecchino received deep, touched Caviccioli, but the assistant referee raised the flag.

The move represented a change in position for the team from Pernambuco, who came back from the break with more attacking power. However, Coelho pressed on as well, stopping Azevedo in Michael’s new defense.

The text of the first half was repeated: America created many chances, but failed the final shot. Arthur, in a beautiful shot from outside the area, and Benitez once again finished very close to the opponent’s goal, but still without success.

Coelho ruled out another goal in the 19th minute. Ali received a cross from Arthur and completed it without a goalkeeper, but referee Ramon Abate saw the hand of the American midfielder.

Then, with the team already adjusting well, America lowered the pressure. In turn, Santa Cruz began to take advantage of more opportunities in attack and give more space in defence.

In the end, the Minas team just managed to get the advantage to ensure qualification for the third stage of the Copa do Brasil.

America 1×0 Santa Cruz


Matheus Caviccioli Arthur (Nino Paraíba, at 33 minutes into the second quarter), Ricardo Silva, Yago Maidana and Marlon; Alê, Juninho and Benítez (Martínez, on 24′ from Q1); Matheusinho (Adyson, 24′ of Q2), Felipe Azevedo (Everaldo, 17′ of Q2) and Aloísio (Mikael, 17′ of Q2)

Technical: Wagner Mancini

holy cross

Michael; Jefferson Vejão (Ítalo Silva, 41′ of Q2), talo Melo, Alemão and Marcus Vinícius (Jadson, 41′ of Q2); Anderson Paulista (Gabriel Cardoso), at 41′ of the second quarter), Arthur Santos and Felipe Guidoz (David, at 35′ of the second quarter); Lucas Silva, Maranhao (Chiquinho, at 14′ from the first quarter) and Bebeko

Technical: Raniel Ribeiro

Objectives: Benitez, in 47′ from Q1 (USA)

Yellow cards: Pepico (Santa Cruz); Marlon (USA)

a reasonThe second stage of the 2023 Brazil Cup

local: Independence, in Belo Horizonte

date and time: March 14, 2023 (Tuesday) at 9:30 p.m

to rule: Ramon Abate Abel (FIFA)

assistants: Thiaggo Americano Labes (SC) and Bruno Muller (SC)

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