February 26, 2024

Atlético-MG x Millonarios: Tickets sold out for the Libertadores decision; load 45 thousand | Athlete- mg

crowd Atlético MG Tickets for the decisive match of the third stage of the Libertadores, against Millonarios, sold out, Wednesday, at 21:30 (Brasilia time), in Mineirão. There are around 45,000 seats available for the match. In the first leg, Gallo drew 1-1 with the Colombian national team away from home. In the event of a new tie, the decision will be a penalty shootout.

Check it out: Globo broadcast (for MG), ge and Globoplay (for all Brazil), live, with photos and for free, Atlético MG x Millonarios, by Libertadores direct from Mineirão (Click here to learn how to do that). GE also broadcasts the match with videos of key moves and highlights (Click here to access).

According to the club, “some tickets may still be returned to the vending system due to payment failure”, and the capacity of the stadium will be reduced. This is because 15,000 tickets for the yellow sector are not available for sale.

Atlético fans in Mineirão for the Libertadores vs Carabobo match – Photo: Daniela Vega/CAM

Ticket sales for the game began on Saturday, with Galo na Veia members having priority. There is a big difference in ticket prices for those using CNG. For example, in the upper red sector, Forte Vingador card holders pay R$65 on a ticket, while non-members pay R$217.

In the last 45 days, Galo na Veia has resumed growth in the number of active plans. And it exceeded the 85,000 barrier, after a significant decline in the second half of 2022.

With all tickets sold out, Gallo, against Millonarios, will have a similar crowd as the previous home match at Libertadores. Against Carabobo, there were 46,482 fans, with a total income of R$2,290,179.00.

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