June 18, 2024

América-MG x Atlético-MG: Gallo tipped for 8,000-seat final first leg in Independencia | Athlete- mg

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América-MG x Atlético-MG: Gallo tipped for 8,000-seat final first leg in Independencia |  Athlete- mg

The first technical meeting between América-MG and Atlético MG The final match of the Mineiro Championship is scheduled to take place on Wednesday morning at the headquarters of the Mineiro Federation. Ge discovered that Coelho had already indicated that he would hand over the entire Ismênia do Independência massif to Galo.

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For Atlético, there will be around 8,000 tickets available. In the Ismailia block, there are 5400 seats in the lower sector (private) in addition to 600 seats in the middle sector (VIP) where radio and television booths and press seats are located, in addition to 1871 seats in the upper sector. (chair).

The situation still lacks formal confirmation at the meeting, but it is the biggest trend in splitting the go-to decision, which takes place next Saturday at 4:30 p.m. America is in charge of the stadium, and their fans will occupy the barriers of Minas (behind the goal) and Petangi.

Atlético-MG fans at the Independência stadium – Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético-MG

For America, although it has a larger presence for competing audiences, it is an opportunity to cash in on ticket sales. After meeting at the FMF, the clubs will reveal ticket sale details, such as prices, dates and locations of the sale.

And in the second leg worthy of the Cup, the Classics will play at Mineirao, on Saturday (8), also at 4:30 pm. Atlético plays with the advantage of being the best team in the first stage, which means that it can be a champion with two draws, or defeat and victory with the same result.

Managers from America and Atlético participated together in the CONMEBOL draw in Paraguay, which took place last Monday. Gallo has made his way through the Libertadores group stage with Atlético PR, Libertad and Alianza Lima. Coelho will be in the same group as Penarol, Defensa e Justicia and Millonarios in Sol Americana.

America was represented by Marcos Salom and Fred Cascardo (Director of Football), while Rodrigo Caetano was Atlético’s envoy to the Confederação Sul-Americana de Futebol Convention Center.

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