June 5, 2023

Palmeiras seeks to recruit Richard Reus to replace Atoista and does not consider him a replacement for Danilo | Palm trees

Watch goals and bids by Richard Reus, Palmeiras Goal

Richard Rios in the Guarani vs Palmeiras fight – Photo: Thomaz Marostegan/GuaraniFC

Since he sold Danilo to Nottingham Forest, from England, he has Palm trees The search for a more defensive midfielder on the market began.

Names such as Jean Lucas, from Monaco, Andre, from Chelsea, and Alan, from Atlético-MG, were options evaluated at the club and all considered to have different characteristics than those of Richard Reus.

Richard Rios heat map of the Guaraní in Paulistao – Image: Reproduction/Wyscout

Among the current casting choices, Abel Ferreira treats Zé Rafael, Fabinho and Gilson as the “5”, or first midfielder, while Gabriel Meneno is the “8”, as well as Atoista and Richard Rios. At the base, Pedro Lima is another candidate to play as a second midfielder.

The Brazilian transfer window is open until next Monday and reopens in July. It could be a file Palm trees Go back to the search for the first steering wheel. The assessment is that the international market will be more colorful.

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