February 27, 2024

An American deputy criticizes Zelensky: “The elections were canceled” and the “Nazi army”

Congresswoman Marjorie Green called the Ukrainian military “Nazis” and scolded Vladimir Zelensky for speaking out against holding presidential elections in 2024.

Sputnik – Marjorie Greene once again rose up against the Ukrainian leader, who she said committed various tyrannical acts.

US Congresswoman Marjorie Green described the Ukrainian army as “Nazis” and reprimanded President Vladimir Zelensky for speaking out against holding the 2024 presidential elections in her country.

“This makes some sense for an actor who wears military uniform every day, who is funded entirely by American warmongers and who recently abolished elections, controls state media and has a Nazi army,” he said Thursday. (29) Republican lawmaker about Zelensky meeting with activist Greta Thunberg and other environmental representatives in Kiev to discuss the environmental consequences of the Ukrainian conflict.

Green opposes his country’s financial and military aid to Kiev. In early June, she accused US officials of being “stupid” for supporting Ukraine.

At the time, she said, “Politicians in Washington are beating the drums of war and demanding that the American people pay for it,” announcing that she would vote against a new aid package for Kiev.

Follow up on recommendations

In March, Republican politics urged the Ukrainian leader to keep the “sons and daughters” of the United States out of the conflict in his country.

“Zelensky said he wants our sons and daughters to die in Ukraine,” Green said.

He added, “In the meantime, I will look into the camera and say directly to Zelensky: ‘You’d better stop messing with our sons and daughters, because they won’t die there.'”