February 21, 2024

Venezuela and the United States hold a secret meeting in Qatar

US President Joe Biden shakes hands with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

Jorge Rodriguez, President of the Venezuelan National Assembly and right-hand man of President Nicolás Maduro, met with the US Presidential Adviser, Juan González, three weeks ago, in Doha, Qatar.

The reason for the meeting will be the role that the Arab country has recently acquired in mediating between the White House and the Venezuelan government. Gonzalez is the Western Hemisphere Adviser to the US National Security Council. In addition to hosting the meeting, Qatar has taken steps to interfere in communications between the two countries.

Rodriguez and the American advisor met to establish a direct channel of communication between Venezuela and the United States. At the meeting, they talked about the release of prisoners and the need to normalize political life in the Latin country.

This type of meeting is common in complex relations such as the one between Venezuela and the United States, but it is usually kept secret so as not to interfere with the dialogue. Neither Rodriguez nor Gonzalez would comment on the other topics discussed at the meeting.

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