June 17, 2024

An elderly woman wakes up from a coma the day the appliances will be switched off

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An elderly woman wakes up from a coma the day the appliances will be switched off

Bettina Lerman, a 69-year-old American, was hospitalized with covid-19 for more than a month at a Portland hospital when doctors said she wouldn’t wake up. With this scenario, the family decided to turn off the devices that kept them alive. However, the elderly woman woke up from her coma on the same day the support ended.

At the time, Bettina’s lease had already been put on hold. In addition, her clothes were donated and the family was planning the funeral, to the point that the sarcophagus and tombstone, as well as the flower arrangements, had already been chosen correctly. After hearing the phrase “Your mother will never wake up” from the doctors themselves, Andrew Lerman, the elderly woman’s son, was surprised to receive him regarding funeral arrangements.

“(The doctor) said, ‘Okay, I want you to come over here right away,’ Andrew said in an interview with CNN. So I said, “Okay, what’s wrong.” He remembers dropping his phone on the floor. In a state of excitement when the news received the end of October. Currently, she is still in a sensitive state, but she is aware of it.

The importance of the vaccine

According to the son, Bettina was suffering from a series of health problems, such as diabeticIn addition, he suffered a heart attack and underwent surgery. The elderly woman was not vaccinated against the Corona virus, but she was planning to get vaccinated at the time of her illness. She lives with her son in Florida but makes frequent visits to Portland to care for Andrew’s father, who has stage 4 cancer.

Andrew, who was also not vaccinated, contracted the infection, as did his wife and father. But the mother’s situation affected his opinion of the vaccine. “I changed my point of view, because if we catch the virus again, it probably won’t be as bad as it is now,” he commented in an interview with The Washington Post.

About three weeks after waking up, Bettina’s situation is still tragic, but the hospital cannot share more information due to privacy laws. Anyway, Lerman revealed to CNN that he spoke for hours with his mother last Wednesday and that she could move her hands. “She knows where she is and who she is,” he said. “She’s very perceptive.”

The medical team is currently trying to rehabilitate the elderly woman with physical therapy, although some irreparable damage has already affected her lungs.

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