February 27, 2024
Woman in coma from Covid wakes up on the day machines will be turned off in the US |  Globalism

Woman in coma from Covid wakes up on the day machines will be turned off in the US | Globalism

A woman who had spent more than a month in a coma after contracting Covid-19 woke up the day the braces that helped her survive were stopped in Portland in United State.

The family had made the decision to authorize the separation after doctors made it clear that 69-year-old Bettina Lerman had no chance of survival. According to her son Andrew, they said she would never wake up.

Bettina’s condition worsened because she has diabetes and recently underwent surgery to implant a quadruple pacemaker. Doctors said her lungs were “totally destroyed” by the disease and she was intubated from the start of her stay.

Andrew told the Washington Post that after abandoning his mother, he and his siblings went to Tavares, Florida, handed over the rental home she lived in and donated many of her possessions.

Then the children began planning the funeral, going so far as to choose the coffin, stone, and clothing in which to be buried, so that the mother could have the best ceremony possible.

Then, on October 29, he received a phone call from the hospital in which a doctor told him that Bettina had woken up. Andrew said that until he dropped the phone, he was surprised by the news.

The woman is still in the hospital and with the help of a respirator, she has already left the intensive care ward, the next step is to start rehabilitation therapy. Specialists in the hospital where she recovers describe her as a “medical miracle”.

Bettina Lerman was in Portland to help care for her ex-husband who had cancer. She planned to get a Covid vaccine when she returned to Florida, but got sick beforehand. In addition to her, her ex-husband Andrew and his wife also contracted the Corona virus, but everyone has already recovered.

Andrew, who also has not been vaccinated, told the Washington Post that his illness and the severity of his mother’s condition had prompted him to reconsider his decision not to vaccinate, and that he would now seek vaccination.

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