June 18, 2024

Ana Maria Braga in a vacuum in the final of “Jojo de Banas” live

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Ana Maria Braga in a vacuum in the final of "Jojo de Banas" live

Where is the blue? Until now Ana Maria Braga has been asking who took the spoon with the blue mark in the final of “Jojo de Banas” reality The kitchen is shown in “More of You”. But production informed who took it.

What happens is that the participants Bia, Emerson “Comendador”, Ed, Gustavo, Katia were participating live online, as they were in the cities of Minas Gerais.

Anna Maria painted a color that would give an extra point in the reality show finale. Participants had painted spoons of color at the beginning of the recordings, but they were made before the pandemic Corona Virus.

This is when the presenter was askedntando Constantly who took off the light blue.

Let me see your spoon. Oh, isn’t it anymore? Who took the blue? Who took the blue? blue? Who took the blue? Hello? Will I have to return the VT to whoever took the blue? Hello? The color drawn from the link has fallen. Who took the blue? It was Emerson! Anna Maria Braga

The engagement fell to Bea while Anna questioned the owner of the color.

Production reported that it was Emerson who earned an extra point. But the information was corrected moments later, as there were light blue and dark blue colors.

Anna Maria explained, again, and gave the point to Pia.

I depend on my production. I have two blue here. My productivity is shown here because it has both a light blue and a dark blue. I’ll bring the spoons after me, who took that spoon was Bea! The captain took the dark blue and the point went to Pia. But why did they put two blue, didn’t they put a purple one? Anna Maria Braga

Anna Maria - clone / TV Globo - clone / TV Globo

Ana Maria Braga clarified the confusion and made a point to participant Pia from ‘Jogo de Panaleas’

Photo: Playback / TV Globo

Today’s recipe: lemon pie

Moments ago, Anna Maria witnessed an exchange of hints between the participants.

The final that started yesterday had seven points given by Emerson at Ed Dinner. One reason is that a portrait of the character Jorge Tado (Fabio Jr.), from the TV series “Pedra sobre Pedra,” was missing from the decoration in Ed’s house.

Today, Ed played and printed a picture of Jorge Tado and displayed it next to him. Moments later, Emerson complained to one of the participants, but did not name him or refer to Ed.

I always like to note, yesterday, my life was a huge success because I don’t need to come here and be offended by the people involved. Friendship is born from the honesty of people, and because I am sincere people feel offended, whoever knows me knows that I have a strong personality and my opinion does not satisfy me. Emerson “Captain”

Even with seven points, Ed reversed the score and won the “Game de Pans” version after receiving votes from the chef and receiving 48% of the audience’s votes.

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