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Record does not show the seal among the women in Vasenda

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Record does not show the seal among the women in Vasenda

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09/16/2021 00h21update in 09/16/2021 00h21

During the screening of “A Fazenda” (Record TV), on Wednesday, several moments of symbiosis were shown among passersby. However, the event that sparked Dawn was ignored and was not included in the edition.

in the kitchen of headquarters”farm 13 “, last night, Aline Mineiro and Dayane Melo exchange a kiss in the middle of a conversation with Nego do Borel. The fact that the scene was not cut by the production, in the live broadcast, excited the fans of rural reality.

Across social networks, fans of the attraction were thrilled that RecordTV, broadcaster of Evangelical Bishop Edir Macedo, did not fail to show a moment of mutual affection between the two peoples – As in previous editions, it caused criticism on social media. But the soulful scene of the show did not go into the montage, it was followed only by those who were up at dawn.

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