September 27, 2023

Farm 13: Medrado has the best reaction when he finds out that Liziane Gutierrez is the girl in the secret party video. Watch

We are just dead! kkkkk this Wednesday (15), Fernanda Medrado I finally found out where Lizian Gutierrez knew and why her fellow prisoner was invited “Farm 13”. The singer had a very funny reaction when connecting the dots and understanding that it is the model who is shown fighting with police officers in a controversial video.

Were you wearing a blue dress?Medrado asked. “Yes, it’s meGutierrez answered calmly. Then Fernanda stood still for a few seconds and insisted: “Blue dress“.”It’s me“. Form reinforced.”And he said…”I’m done guys, you don’t know what”The rapper continued. Carioca confirmed it again, and then the ex-couple said: “Yes. So then I know. OK. I know now“.

The confusion that made Lesian more famous occurred on July 11th. The model was at a secret party in the Jardins neighborhood of Sao Paulo That even Matthews and Cowan were a musical attraction. When the police stopped the celebration, Gutierrez lost control and was filmed despising the officers. I cried loudly and unconvincingly: “He’ll take care of whoever roasts. Go to the slums, damn it! Go get him in the favela. Go take him on the c*.”.

On the Internet, netizens did not let the moment pass and laughed a lot at Medrado’s expressions. “I don’t judge because I’d be the same“, one person joked. People have already noticed some repercussions of this discovery in the game.”I don’t know if that was my impression or if Medrado took a step back when she found out that Lizian was the girl in the video, that she went to sleep, without even saying goodbye.‘, a reality TV viewer. See more:

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