March 1, 2024
Anatel and Federal Revenue seize 76,000 unauthorized devices

Anatel and Federal Revenue seize 76,000 unauthorized devices

In an operation carried out between June 27 and July 1, the National Communications Agency (Anatel), in partnership with the Division for the Repression of Smuggling and Embezzlement (DIREP/CE) of the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil, seized more than 76,000 electronic devices. Not approved in the port of Mucuribe, in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará.

According to the authorities, the operation resulted in the seizure of thousands of cell phone chargers, radios, wireless microphones, wireless cameras, wireless keyboards, doorbells, etc. An estimated value of 5 million Brazilian riyals.

As Anatel explains, the products were seized by inspection agents for not having a record of approval to operate in Brazil, a document granted by the government entity after the devices had undergone numerous tests that ensured correct operation without interfering with radio frequencies or other connections used in the country.

Part of the tests carried out in Anatel laboratories include resistance to changes in electrical power networks, protection against leakage of toxic liquids or overheating.

The use of unregistered phones can “harm the legal trade of telecommunications, and can bring many risks to the health and safety of consumers,” interfering with the work of other networks. The operation carried out last week is part of the Anti-Piracy Action Plan (PACP), which Anatel created in 2018.

Other operations

In addition to the seizure that took place in the port of Fortaleza, in June The agency also confiscated 5,700 products in Amazon warehouses in the municipalities of Cajamar and Betim in the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, respectively.

Although the volume of seized items was lower, the regulator highlights investments in anti-piracy and marketing of unapproved equipment in the national territory, noting that Brazilians can report cases to the agency or request an exchange of equipment in disagreement with the legislation.

“If a consumer buys an irregular product, it is recommended that the product be returned or exchanged with the seller. In case of failure, you can contact consumer protection agencies and file a complaint with Service channels Anatel. ‘ reinforces the statement.