January 28, 2023
and 20%?  Understand why São Paulo received the Solidarity Mechanism by David Neres |  Sao Paulo

and 20%? Understand why São Paulo received the Solidarity Mechanism by David Neres | Sao Paulo

the Sao PauloWho has trained the player in the basic categories, is entitled to 3% with the FIFA Solidarity Mechanism. This means that you can get between R$2.2 million and R$3 million approximately.

But what about 20% of the economic rights that Sao Paulo stay when He sold the baby in 2017 to AjaxFor 12 million euros (about 40 million Brazilian riyals at the time)?

David Neres trains for the national team in Sao Paulo – Photo: Rubens Cherry / saopaulofc.net

this ratio Sao Paulo Negotiated with Ajax in 2020, while managing Leco, to Making Anthony’s Sale Possible. Tricolor was able to negotiate this 20% for €7 million (about R$32 million at the time).

By adding all David Neres sales and solidarity mechanism, it will give the player a return of between 74 and 75 million BRL to Sao Paulo.

With the striker’s income dropping last season, he was sold during this transfer window at a lower-than-expected price. For this reason, the sale of the 20% in 2020 is celebrated as a good deal in the club.

the Sao Paulo He still lives expecting to make money with Anthony. At the top of Ajax and the Brazilian national team, the boy is attracting the attention of the major European clubs and should be traded in the middle of the year.

However, in the case of the attacker, the amount that can enter the tricolor vaults is much greater. In negotiations to sell to Ajax, in 2020, it appeared Sao Paulo 20% of surplus value remained, i.e. more than 16 million euros from a potential sale of the player by the Dutch club.

Anthony says goodbye to Sao Paulo and becomes the club’s third biggest sale

Example: If Anthony is sold to any club for 50 million euros, then Sao Paulo He will receive 20% of the 34 million euros, which is equivalent to 7 million euros.

With no major selling potential for the current team’s players, the Sao Paulo It is already considered that this money from Anthony can be a great outlet for a serious financial crisis.

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– Photo: ge.globo