February 27, 2024
Andressa Urach, who is pregnant, reveals the name of her son: 'I wish it was Bolsonaro'

Andressa Urach’s ex-husband says, “What kind of person goes into prostitution while pregnant?”

ex husband Andressa UrachAnd Thiago Lopez, used his Instagram to question Andressa Urach’s decision to perform again in a nightclub in Rio Grande do Sul.

“What kind of person in their right mind returns to pregnant prostitution? The businessman asked in his stories what kind of person returns to smoking when the fetus is fully formed.

In two more letters that follow, Thiago says he “prays and fasts for my son’s life” and that he hasn’t left the house he lives in with the model.

I didn’t leave the house. Here I run and support the house as I have always done. Nothing was lacking and will not be lacking. We live in abundance and I thank God for that. Everyone who is out of the house now is Andressa. And everyone knows where it is.”

Andressa’s ex-husband is referring to the model’s decision to use the name when she was in prostitution, Imola, which she revealed on Tuesday morning.

Andressa posted a sexy photo on Instagram and wrote: “Warning: Imola is back! See you in the Blue Cave.” Gruta Azul Club is a leisure club for adults located in Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul.

turbulent phase

Last week, Andressa made several discoveries on Instagram, saying that She spent eight days in a psychiatric clinic after experiencing a borderline disorder crisis.

Also in the same week, she announced the end of her marriage to Thiago Lopez. The couple went to the altar in April 2021. It is indicated that the blonde is pregnant from the businessman.

According to Andressa Urach, The union ended due to Lopez’s abusive behavior.

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