March 30, 2023
The presenter is prohibited from appearing on the announcer

The presenter is prohibited from appearing on the announcer

Fausto Silva He was unable to make his official debut as Contract Band at an event to announce the schedule for the new 2022 program, which was held today at the station’s headquarters in São Paulo. Director Chris Gomez explained that the presenter was banned from debuting for contractual reasons.

Gomez stated in a recorded video.

For the first time, the station showed excerpts from the stage of the Faustão program on Globo, with dancers Performing in the studio. More than 300 specialists from various fields participate in the production of the program. As reported by columnist Ricardo Feltrine, from splash, Faust teams Work up to 16 hours a day to put the program on air.

The band promised outdoor materials and plenty of studio dynamics. “Emoção rhymes with Faustão. This will be on the band,” Leonor Corre, Fausto Silva’s sister and renter to the Fausto Show, commented on the band.

Titled “Faustão na Band,” the Fausto Silva attraction will be shown Monday through Friday, prime time next year.

“He’s crazy, man!”

Preventing the band from introducing the channel’s biggest star, the band resorted to an old photo of Fausto Silva, from the time of “Perdidos na Noite”. He appeared in the vignette and spoke the famous terms: “Loco, man!”.

The presenter, who was already full for the group, had Globo’s early departure in early June In the middle of the “super celebrity dance” frame, which It became a solo show with Tiago Leifert in charge.

Fausto has worked at Globo for more than three decades and never got a goodbye from the channel. He was replaced by Luciano Hack on Sunday afternoon after the end of “The Celebrity Dance” with Levert.