June 23, 2024

Antonella Avellaneda sues Lucas Selvi for a xenophobic crime

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Crédito: Montagem reprodução Instagram
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Antonella Avellaneda and Lucas Silvi (Credit: Instagram reproduction montage)

to show Antonella AvellanedaHe, who is currently participating in the reality show “Ilha Record”, said through a statement issued by his team on social media that he will sue Lucas Sylvie, fellow incarcerated, for a xenophobic crime.

On the show, the blonde YouTuber, from La Plata, Buenos Aires, criticized Antonella and said that Antonella should go back to Argentina. “For me, the one who plays dirty and the first chance I speak to is Antonella. He works overtime here and in Brazil, he can go back to Argentina,” Lucas said.

Take a look at Antonella’s memo disavowing Lucas Silvi’s speech

“It is unreasonable these days for a person to be judged by their origin. We must strive to be aware and not let ourselves be carried away by internal prejudices, even in situations of personal clashes. This position demonstrates how necessary it is to broaden our view of diversity, and separate ourselves from stereotypes, even Those that are created because of the rivalry in football.”

“The world has changed, people have changed and this situation will not be tolerated. Legal action will be taken according to the Brazilian penal code, which can carry a sentence of up to three years in prison. I am not the first participant in the reality show to be harassed because of his origins. This is a recurring act unfortunately, but It shouldn’t happen anymore.”

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