June 23, 2024

Pokah is touched when she remembers the aggression she suffered

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Pokah is touched when she remembers the aggression she suffered

Singer Pokah is touched when she remembers the aggression she suffered from her ex-partner when she was pregnant. Previous-BBB 21 She even cried at the end of the story, thanking the opportunity to tell her story.

“I lived with this person for many years and started dating at a very young age. This relationship, totally a mess, it was hell for me and for those around me. My family and friends were horrible and I saw how toxic it was and people talked about how much it was. I tried every way to get rid of it” The singer vented during “Papo de Segunda” (GNT) today.

The singer continued, “There were physical, verbal and psychological assaults, manipulation, and my fear of God. I am a person who has a strong relationship with God and this person used my faith,” noting that the former partner claimed to be possessed. By the devil by his betrayal.

“I said: What have you done to me? I almost went blind in my left eye.” It was heavy. I was attacked at different times, I wanted to leave and he said he was being used by the devil and that it was a testament to our life and that we consider it a victory.”

I’ve forgiven once, and I’ve forgiven twice, and three times, and more. Do you know why? Because I was afraid of the threats I received. I was afraid of dying at various times in the midst of these battles, I thought I was going to die. My feeling was that I was already dying.”

the beginning

Pokah reported how the attacks began.

“It started yelling, it started abusing my friendships. Oh, so-and-so is no good. I started to splinter in my friendships. These clothes are too short. P**t clothes. They start like that, and you have to pay attention to the signs. These are signs. Relationship in a lot Sometimes you have to give in, but when your rights are violated… it’s very hard to talk about. You don’t have to stop being yourself to please someone else.”

The singer also reported how she found the strength to free herself from this situation: “From the moment my daughter was born. It was horrible until she was born, guess what, I ended up in the hospital. When I was born, I said, ‘I have to change, I can’t Keep him here anymore or else I will die and my daughter will depend on me, I cannot leave my daughter in this man’s hands.”

I decided, after discovering a recent infidelity, that I went to my mother’s house, told her to say I wasn’t there and just vanished. Keep following and threatening. And there was another contractual problem, we were partners at the time. I had evidence of thefts and betrayals and all that. I told him to go on with his life or I would have put him in jail. Because I no longer believe in the law.”

Explaining why she did not believe the police, she continued:

“I called the police and they were so powerful in the area that no one wanted to listen to me. They shook hands and everything was fine.”

need to talk

Fifth place inBBB 21 stressed “the importance of talking about such a painful and intimate subject.

“When I got rid of that, it was with the reports. I read a lot of reports of women who suffered and came back. The first time I spoke about it, I felt like many of these women who are suffering, see an opportunity to change their lives when someone says they did.” I wanted to use my testimony to say they weren’t alone.”

She also praised the Maria da Penha law, which is used to protect women from domestic abuse.

“The law is one of the world’s leading laws on violence against women. I didn’t have the same opportunity. At the time, I could have fought more.? The way it would take a greater proportion. I am in favor of exposing yourself, not feeling sorry. Because when the time comes Time to hit you, silence you, no one has regrets.”

She gets emotional when talking about the topic.

“It is very difficult to talk about it. But it is very necessary. I intend to help other women. Today I am here, today I can report, but many women cannot now. Many women right now could be beaten and die.”

people around

Pokah revealed that those close to her witnessed the attacks, but did nothing.

I used to live in a backyard where a lot of people live. They saw me pulled by my hair on the floor, and they spat in my face and all to discover betrayal. For trying to leave, I struggled with these things. These people saw everything, and when he put his finger in my face and nearly blinded me, my eyes were bleeding profusely. His mother told him not to take me to the hospital because I was going to throw him in prison. And I see a woman who also suffered from this, a supporter…”

“If it was my son, I would say it would be my displeasure. I have a daughter and I don’t want her to go through a third of the humiliation I’ve been through. My fight is for me, for my daughter, for all the women who suffer, are silenced, abused, and have their own freedom. That is My daily struggle. Not looking at me, oh, poor thing. No, I’m a bad woman, I’m amazing and I’ve been able to beat it. I would have died many times, but here I am. If you do, you can too,” the singer vented.

Second chance?

The singer talked about the possibility of the abuser getting a second chance.

“I think everyone deserves a second chance, but I’m not with a woman getting attacked and staying with the person. Everyone is different. I won’t generalize and say there’s no way, it’s impossible. Every case is different. Case. However, my experience has been completely negative. The abuser’s chance is Survival. Because the trauma a woman endures from aggression, violence, is eternal. Those who strike forget, but they will have to pay for what they did.”

I was a very young, very young girl. I was starting my music career, an abusive relationship. I have forgiven many times, but I forgive out of fear. I was afraid of dying, of doing something with my family. I have been threatened. Never tell the victim why she continued? Why didn’t you report it? She just knows.”

Emotion in the end

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Pokah cries during ‘Monday Talk’

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At the end of the topic, Pokah couldn’t control her emotions and cried as she thanked him for the opportunity to talk about her experience.

“There’s no way I can excuse myself and stop using this to save lives where my life has been saved. It’s so hard. I’m not here to make a scene because it’s a very real thing, where many women suffer so much. It’s what you guys have to do. You do Here… you are four men and you care, and you seek knowledge and understanding. I think being here and speaking, and telling my experience, is very important. But what you open up is also important. For their benefit and for helping us express what is really important.”

It’s hard for me to sit here and touch the deep wounds, the worst and deepest I have. I wish I hadn’t tested this. I wish I hadn’t spent a third of what I did. I don’t want a woman to suffer what I have suffered. And I will never stop fighting, using my voice, using my music.

“Mine Song, which they treat as absurd, which they regard as something negative. My music has already changed the lives of many people. When I say ‘No one rules this ass’, when I say that I am a free woman, that I own my life, and I want all women to be theirs, without submission. This is not in vain, guys. She wants freedom for all women. That’s why I sing and I will never stop singing. I sing about women’s freedom, about women’s power. And the singer concluded with a move that it’s not easy being a woman.”

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