February 1, 2023

Apple has a serious message for iPhone users

With the advancement of technology and the use of data to personalize the experience and ads, many users are concerned about safety. And this fear is not only due to their digital protection, such as the use of their data, location and contacts, but also due to physical security, in the event of thefts and other crimes.

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Think about it, the An apple It announced three new advanced features, specifically designed to protect its users’ data held in the cloud. According to the company, the new tools will be made available later this year. paying off!

New iPhone protection features

Security keys

One of the features that has been improved in this new announcement is two-factor authentication. filed in Iphone In 2015, authentication can now be done by third-party devices such as the Apple Watch or iPad. In this way, in addition to the usual security key, the user can also specify that the second authentication step be done with a physical security key.

iCloud data protection

iCloud currently protects about 14 categories of data on the iPhone, such as passwords for cards in Wallet, message backups, audio recordings, and more. To do this, Apple uses end-to-end encryption, the highest level of security currently recognized to protect data.

However, with new updateIt will be possible to enable advanced protection, with up to 23 protected categories, including notes and photos.

Verify the contact in iMessage

Following an increase in data and security breaches of journalists, government officials, and human rights activists, Apple has developed a feature designed to protect this group.

By verifying the connection, the iPhone will now alert users iMessage In case the attacker compromises the cloud servers and puts his own device in to check the encrypted connections.

Apple launched the feature in December, with the goal of enabling the user to verify that they are only communicating with those they really intend to.

Photo: Gabo_Arts/Shutterstock