February 27, 2024
Ardagh Group's arrival, JF can directly generate about 600 jobs

Ardagh Group’s arrival, JF can directly generate about 600 jobs

The announcement was confirmed of the Ardagh Group’s arrival in Juiz de Fora on Wednesday (25th), the city that will host a new recyclable packaging industrial center in Minas Gerais, with the installation of the Brazilian subsidiaries of Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP) and of Ardagh Glass Packaging (AGP). ). Thus, it will be implemented Two factories in an area on the banks of BR-040, at kilo 773, one for aluminum cans and the other for glass containers. It is not yet known how much will be invested, but it is expected that the arrival of the multinational company could create more than 600 direct jobs, and a greater number of indirect jobs and other job opportunities in Juiz de Fora and the region.

Consequently, the city will host the Ardagh Group’s fourth aluminum bottling plant in Brazil and the group’s first glass plant in the country. “Both are designed to operate within the Ardagh Group’s global sustainability standards,” according to a note from the multinational released to the press. The aluminum cans factory is expected to start operating in September 2023, with a production capacity of three billion packages annually. The glass plant is expected to be completed in December 2023 and will produce more than 200 tons of glass annually, with two furnaces in the plant.

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Last Monday (23), the Tribuna spoke with the director of Fiemg Regional Zona da Mata and the president of the Federation of the Civil Construction Industry of Juiz de Fora (Sinduscon-JF), Aurelio Marangon Sobrino, who rated Ardagh’s arrival as “extremely important, not only for the city but for the region” . He assessed, “All Zona da Mata will benefit.” CEO of Ardagh Metal Packaging in Brazil, Jorge Banitz; The Governor of Minas Gerais, Romeo Zema (Novo) and the Mayor of Juiz de Fora, Margarida Salomao (PT). The agenda was confirmed Wednesday morning at Teatro Paschual Carlos Magno. The plants will be carried out on land owned by the automaker Mercedes-Benz, on the banks of the BR-040.

Investment information has not been officially confirmed. According to an article published by Valor Econômico, the total investment in the two plants in Juiz de Fora could reach R$2.5 billion. There are those who estimate the investment of resources in the range of 1 billion Brazilian riyals. However, the numbers should only be confirmed on Wednesday, in announcing the creation of a new industrial center for recyclable packaging. “We are working towards the goal of reaching 10 billion cans manufactured in Brazil in 2024,” said AMP’s CEO in Brazil, Jorge Banitz, as published by Valor Econômico.