July 14, 2024

Ari concocts a horrific plan to ruin Prisa’s life for the TV news

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Ari concocts a horrific plan to ruin Prisa’s life for the TV news
Ari concocts a horrific plan to ruin Prisa’s life for the TV news

Ari (Chai Suede) will devise a horrific plan that promises to end any chance of winning back Tonho’s (Vicente Alvet) bodyguard Prisa (Lucy Alves) in Travecia. Willing to do anything to get ahead in court, the bad character will reveal that he intends to lie to the police so that the ex-fiancé can be charged with kidnapping her son. If she doesn’t want her life ruined, the young lady will need to give up helping Guerra (Humberto Martins) in the lawsuit against the fraudster.

The news that a second DNA test also showed genetic incompatibility between Brisa and Tonho will fall like a bomb. Ari has no doubts about his son’s ancestry, but will use the test result to his advantage to try to prevent his ex-fiancée from being a witness in Guerra’s lawsuit against him. She will be recruited to tell in court that she visited the rich man in the hospital and learned that the father of her child was in the room after Guerra left the surgery.

Gil (Rafael Luso) will overhear his friend’s plan in disbelief. Ari wants to tell the police that the ex-fiancé may have kidnapped the boy. “But you are the father, how did this kidnapped boy end up in your house if you were the father?” , asks former Talitha (Dandara Mariana) in a chapter scheduled to air next Thursday (30).

“I’ve heard people suspect I was on the street and switched with the one we lost!” Bad character tells us. Jill replies, “Wait… are you going to report this to the police? Do you have a baby on the street?” “Jill, she who knows! It depends on her, right? She who knows what I’m going to say!” Ari will answer, confirming that she will lie to blackmail Prisa.

Presa DNA test

It would be through two negative DNA tests of Brissa’s maternity that the series would tackle the issue of chimerism, a rare genetic condition. As provided by the news, writer Gloria Perez will address the topic in Plot. The idea was taken from the documentary Chimera: The Twin Inside Me (Chimera: O Gêmeo Dentro de Mim, in free subtitles).

The Lucy Alves character would be what science calls a fictitious woman – with only about 40 cases recorded in the world. Chimera occurs when two different eggs fuse together to form an embryo. Meaning, it is as if the person had their own DNA in addition to the DNA of their unidentified twin brother.

If the author follows the predicted storyline, then the confusion with the test will be cleared up only at the final stage, when Prisa finds out that she is pregnant with Otto’s child. Once the baby is born, doctors will run a DNA test – which will also come back negative.

Since they will follow the birth, they will know that the child is indeed Brisa’s daughter. Thus, they will investigate other hypotheses. The experts will eventually discover that the protagonist is a fictitious woman. She has two genetic codes in her body, only one of which is compatible with her children. What exactly did not fit the exams was collected.

Travessia will end on May 5th and will give way to the presentation of Terra e Paixão, a plot written by Walcyr Carrasco.

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