June 14, 2024

Ari makes an escape plan for the police and the truth shocks the Nuba

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Ari makes an escape plan for the police and the truth shocks the Nuba

Ari will enter the starry hell of Travecia – Image: Montag/Ntilinha

Ari will start paying for everything he caused Travisia and will become a police fugitive after Prisa (Lucy Alves) snags him. In the following seasons of the Globo series at nine o’clock in the morning, he will be despondent with the issuance of the arrest warrant and will flee to the house of Dante (Marcos Caruso). Sedalia (Kasia Case) and Guerra (Humberto Martins) will celebrate the fall of the impostor.

Prisa will be the heroine of the beginning of her ex-husband’s downfall in a key recording being delivered to the police station. As investigations progress, Ari becomes the prime suspect in the attack on Guerra.

At this point in Gloria Perez’s story, Sedalia and her boss will instruct Prisa with tips to provoke Ari, with the aim of obtaining concrete evidence to put him behind bars. In exchange, they offer custody of Tonho (Vicente Alvite). Breeze accepts the plan and puts it to work.

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Ari escapes from the police in Travisia

In a phone conversation, Prisa will tease Chai Suede and he will threaten the dancer. bingo! Evidence was opened that the police wanted too much to arrest him. You will take the audio recording to the police station and an arrest warrant will be issued immediately.

However, on the flip side, Ari’s ally will help the impostor. Jill (Rafael Luso) will overhear Sedalia talking about her friend’s red-handed arrest and will alert him. He runs away and goes to hide in Dante’s house.

The architect’s downfall wouldn’t stop there. Finally, Nubia (Dreca Moraes) realizes that her son has dealt a blow in Guerra. You will hear Ari’s confession and be disappointed. Shocked, she leaves Rio de Janeiro and takes Tonhō to Mandaraku.

The telenovela Travessia is going through a turning point in its history. The plot is artistically directed by Mauro Mendonca Filho and directed by Walter Carvalho, Andre Barros, Mariana Richard and Caio Campos. The production is by Claudio Daguer and Tatiana Poggi, and the genre direction is by José Luis Villamarem.

The end of the series is set for May where it will be replaced by the series written by Walter Carrasco: Terra e Paixão


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