February 25, 2024
Arthur Aguiar denies controversy and explains absence from Vogue Ball

Arthur Aguiar denies controversy and explains absence from Vogue Ball

Elected by the public as BBB22 Champion, Arthur Agyar Social media was used to deny that he was banned from participating in Vogue Ball – an event that takes place on Friday (29/4). In a series of videos posted to Instagram Stories, the actor claimed that he received the invitation, yes, but could not accept it due to his busy schedule.

“I’ve seen it on the roof, and I’m still pretty lonely, that there’s a mess going on with Vogue Ball, and I wasn’t invited […]. But in any case, I would say that this is not true. Fortunately, my schedule is very busy, and thank God I work hard,” began Myra Cardi’s husband.


Arthur Aguiar tells his followers that he has been invited to view the tour of Luan Santana, the Luan City Festival, which takes place in Campo Grande, also on Friday (29/4). “I’m going there now, so I couldn’t do that. [o Baile da Vogue], No way. This story does not exist. Today I signed up for Fantástico, it’s full of great stuff there… On Sunday I’ll be at Luciano Huck, so forget about it,” he added.

The brother, who outperformed his opponents in the competition for a prize of R$1.5 million, said he could not imagine such an intense post-reality show. “I never imagined that the life of a BBB Champion would be so amazing, that I would have so many wonderful things to do, that the doors would be open the way they are, and that people would welcome me with such affection, I do wonderful things… I connect with so many people I’ve always dreamed of Communicating with them. I am very happy and very grateful to you who voted,” she concluded with exasperation.

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