May 31, 2023
"The Editor Doesn't Like Me Anyway"

“The Editor Doesn’t Like Me Anyway”


The sister of the season became famous for being the “plant” of the house, by hiding her during a reality show

Brunna complained from day 101 of BBB
© Clone / Official Instagram of Bruna GonçalvesBrunna complained from day 101 of BBB

Bruna Gonçalveswho participated in BBB 22They use their social networks to Complaining Today 101 Edition of Global Reality, appears on Thursday evening (28). According to her ex-sister, she was drawn to participate in the dynamic led by Tado Schmidt, but this did not appear on yesterday’s show, citing this. Became ‘provoked’ by production.

“There are those who say, ‘Bruno is such a plant that it didn’t even show up on number 101. I guess the editor doesn’t really like me. I boycotted until day 101! “He wrote with a laugh on Twitter. In this year’s release, the singer’s wife Ludmila became famous for her “houseplant” for being “hidden” while in reality.

Bruna continued her criticism: “Where’s the answer you gave Tadeu when he withdrew my name, editor? I’m beginning to understand why I was such a ‘plant'”, He said. Maria, another participant in the program, commented on the post. “Ah my friend… It is better to be a vegetable than to be chased, isn’t it? [No dia] 101 We were the silent and silent duo,” she said, sweetly.

Despite the stigma of being a “vegetarian,” Bruna claimed she was unfazed by the expression. At the award ceremony with all the brothers on the “BBB – A Eliminação” program, she won the “Plant of the Season” trophy. He explained, “It should have been mine, this award was mine…I always knew it was going to be a blueprint for the edition, because I’m calmer!”. “I find it hard to adapt!” he added. Brunna left with 76.18% of the vote, being the fifth to be disqualified from the edition.