July 14, 2024

At a new high, gasoline prices are already 30% more expensive, says Ticket Log

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At a new high, gasoline prices are already 30% more expensive, says Ticket Log
At a new high, gasoline prices are already 30% more expensive, says Ticket Log

According to the latest Ticket Register Price Index (IPTL), Average price of gasoline It’s already 30% expensive for drivers in the early days of September. When comparing the value with the lowest average recorded in the year, which was R$4,816 in January, the increase is telling.

In the case of ethanol, the period presented an average value of R$5.371, which compared to the end of January, was 42% more expensive at service stations. The most expensive gasoline in the Midwest was sold at an average of R$6,368, after an increase of 1.60%, compared to the end of August.

“Just like last month, September has already started with all Brazilian regions showing increases in gasoline and ethanol prices. Gasoline, which has not been adjusted in refineries since the first half of August, was at the beginning of the month the anhydrous ethanol reflex, which changed by 1.1%, compared to By the end of August, explains Douglas Pena, Head of Urban Market by Edenred Brasil.

In the south, the average fuel price advanced by 2.32%, the highest increase in the entire country, but the value of a liter was the lowest in the first half of the month, at R$6,049. The most expensive type of ethanol is found in the Northeast, at a price of R$ 5,547, an increase of 2.32%, compared to last month. In the Midwest, even with the 4.59% increase, the cheapest liters sold for an average of R$5,014.

In terms of countries, Piaui presented the most expensive gasoline in the country, at a price of R$6640. The state with the lowest average price was Amapá, where gas stations sold gasoline at R$5,585.

Rio Grande do Norte recorded the largest increase in the average price of gasoline at 3.77% compared to the end of August. No state fuel prices fell in the early days of September.

NS ethanol He presented the highest average value per liter in Rio Grande do Sul, at R$6,084. The cheapest fuel, in turn, was sold in São Paulo, at a price of R$ 4,481. In Rondonia, posts registered the largest advance in the country, 10.16%.

IPTL is a fuel price index based on refueling at 21 thousand approved ticket register service stations, which is highly reliable due to the number of vehicles operated by the brand: 1 million in total, with an average of eight transactions per second.

Ticket Log, the brand of Edenred Brasil’s fleet management and mobility solutions, has over 30 years of experience and adapts to customer needs, offering modern and innovative solutions in order to simplify daily operations.

About ticket history

a Register tickets Its purpose is to value people’s time so that they can enjoy life more and better. The brand connects people and businesses through innovative and digital solutions for fleet management and mobility, available to businesses of all sectors and sizes, simplifying urban mobility with information and intelligence.

With over 30 years of market experience and 30,000 corporate customers, Ticket Log operates 1 million vehicles and approximately 2.5 billion liters of fuel annually. In addition, it has an acceptance network of more than 43,000 approved partners, including gas stations, mechanical workshops and many other mobility services.

Ticket history is a file Brand EdenredA global digital payments and services company that acts as a constant companion to workers and businesses. A leader in its class, it connects more than 50 million users, 2 million organizations and more than 850,000 client companies in 46 countries, and handles transactions of more than 7.1 billion liters of fuel annually.

Source: RPMA Communications.

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