June 5, 2023

At the age of 55, the actress who played the witch in Scorpio Rei appears in an Instagram video.

Scorpion King movie

Pictures – Reproduction / Universal Pictures

“The Scorpion King” was released in 2002. Directed by Chuck Russell, he rose to stardom in Dwayne Johnsonknown in the WWE ring as “The Rock”. Previously, the star had already appeared in The Mummy Returns, and landed his own solo movie.

During the scenes, a Filipino martial art called Arnis Kali Eskrima was used. In the plot, an evil ruler named Minum conquers many kingdoms with the help of a witch who is able to predict the future.

Several opposing tribes unite and hire an assassin to eliminate the witch. However, during the mission, Matthews ends up falling in love Cassandra Howe. The character is played by an American actress Kelly Ann Ho.

Also known for her work in the films “X-Men 2,” “Revenge Among the Killers,” and “In Search of Ohana,” the star turns 55. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, Kelly began her career as a teen in beauty pageants.

His first film work was in the movie “Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Attacks New York”. The experience made her give up her modeling career and become an actress. On Instagram, the star has more than 193k followers and appeared in a video during an interview talking about the advancement of Asian representation in Hollywood.

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