June 5, 2023

“Brother, I will tell you something…”; After a game of discord, Riccardo and Cesar Black’s exchange of provocations and confusion ends with shouting at BBB 23


During the conversation between the two, the other sisters also got caught up in the chaos.

Photo: Playback / Globo

weather effect BBB 23in the early hours of Tuesday (28), after Discord game. This is because Ricardo lettuce that it Cesar Black They staged a great shout in the house. The chatter started because the nurse didn’t like biomedicine to mention her in the dynamic.

“I mentioned my name, I mentioned the move and I mentioned that I voted for Allen, at the same time I gave power to Allen. “, Cesar Black explained what bothered him.

Photo: Playback / Globo

Ricciardo tried to leave the room, but Black ended up getting excited and released some information about his brother’s game, who shot: “Brother, I will tell you something. You are violated, I will put you on the Paredão. I want you on the Paredão,” Alfalfa exclaimed.

at that time, Amanda Join the discussion: “Respect it, lettuce. You don’t rule the game!”Sister cried. Shortly thereafter, Allen Werley Also entered the middle and Ricardo He asked the two to “not get involved” in the conversation. Back to chat with CesarBrother released: “You coward! I told you something now and you come here!” He shouts to the nurse, and she replies: “You exposed me first!”

after the fight Cesar Biomedical criticized again: “He feels like he owns the game. Everyone’s playing (…) It’s inconsistent,” says the nurse. Amanda He also complains about Ricardo and his position in the match after the information he gave Larisa that it Fred Nicasio. “He’s the one dictating the cut, he’s Big Boss now. To me, he looks superior. I’m already choking… He does this to everyone,” snapped, angry.